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51 Vivian Chow is eating a "preservative"? More and more graceful debut 30 years

2018-10-24 09:43 Yi Zhan TF015

10 month 21 days, will sing "masked guess" the new season, the 51 year old "original Nvzhang people" Vivian Chow wearing masks song "haven't met in a long time" love "and" Master, when she took off the mask, Zhan Jun Yi was shocked: This is eating a preservative fairy?

Vivian Chow's voice, perhaps is not very powerful, but the condition is good, still sweet people forget age. Vivian Chow debut 30 years, music fans have become middle-aged men from boys and girls, her beauty is so dazzling, so many friends, filled with a thousand regrets

FoDDYY: Vivian Chow just stood on it

Fat not what is not good: the key is the face of the angel can sing so sweetly, this 50 years really can not find

Hi I'm Li Xiaonao: I was in primary school to listen to this song, my friend is Vivian Chow's idiotic powder, love to what extent? I was not a fan, don't understand Cantonese, didn't learn Japanese (primary school, Vivian Chow has a concert version of a Japanese, a Cantonese) just by listening, learn a little difference to don't know two languages "meaning sing

Some time ago, Vivian Chow concert, a group of photos shocked the network. In the arena of deportment, whether she is dancing, face now are comparable to debut draft XX maiden, and age are larger than the XX girl's mother is ten years old......

A 51 year old people

Yi Zhan Jun studied non finishing pictures and video, excluding lighting and other factors, the state is also very can play!

Vivian Chow was born in 1967, grew up in single parent families. Vivian Chow kindergarten, mother found her musical talent, then in a multi job, bought a piano for her to study, but cannot ask the teacher to piano teaching. Vivian Chow is relying on self-study learned to play the piano, to the middle school has been able to earn a living as a piano tutor. Since childhood, Vivian Chow has developed the habit of thrift.

1985 Vivian Chow to participate in the new talent singing contest, Chushe entertainment. At her mother's request, she gave up to complete the contract entrance. 1986 DJ, Vivian Chow participated in the amateur contest runner up, then joined Hongkong radio station, officially put into career.

In 1987, Vivian Chow joined the Hongkong radio station second station when DJ presided over the young people show "Youth Symphony", has become one of the most popular radio program. So the first week the goddess is the host of the popular identity.

In 1988, Vivian Chow joined TVB as strengthbend hosted and starred in the first movie "three world", nominated for the Hongkong Film Awards Best Newcomer award. In November 1988, Vivian Chow launched the first self titled EP album "Vivian Chow", which received platinum sales results.

In 1988 the first individual EP cover

There are many good songs, Vivian Chow rarely gossip was closed in the last century, and in 90s for "Nvzhang people". Her first Mandarin album "rumors" total sales exceeded 300 thousand copies, also selected by the Japanese media as the most popular female singer in Hongkong.

Maybe a lot of 70, 80's memory has a Vivian Chow song. For example, the song "love", composed by Miyuki Nakajima Hacken Lee, lyrics, "this moment, feeling a wisp of a shadow, a pair of" the lyrics are really beautiful.

In 1993, Vivian Chow in the TV series "the big time" won the next TV awards the most popular artist of third. She plays the "Jewish", a woman keen to save money. A small Jewish feminine clumsy, shy, cause stingy life is to save his life in his own hereditary heart attack.

In the highly standardized awl face aesthetic beauties beauty era, have a great personality. Vivian Chow was a little rabbit teeth, also did not like the star now do KaoCiYa like, looks very fresh and natural.

Beauty in the prodigal, is a difficult bureau. Business is booming, Vivian Chow met "(with Jin Yong, James Wong and Cai Lan and called" Hongkong four wits "son of Hongkong"), Yes! "One of the founders of Joe magazine, he was attracted to his romantic talent. In 1997, Vivian Chow followed Joe out of the entertainment business, far in Vancouver. She was engrossed in painting, writing and American billiards, also wrote a book for the cat.

Joe lace news constantly, so Vivian Chow is under huge pressure. By the end of 2008, Vivian Chow Joe was once again involved in the lace news and wrote a week after the breakup letter, suddenly announced the marriage, a move that shocked the world. Love to kill nineteen years later choose to walk hand in hand, maybe two things outside are not qualified to judge.

In fact, beautiful face makes people ignore many inherent characteristics of Vivian Chow. Talk about the "Lady", is a dwarf of Vivian Chow.

Vivian Chow has participated in the "Kangxi", watching this program will feel she is full of personality, when I did not want to do any unwilling to compromise. For example, once she had met in Japan on the spot to film the paparazzi followed, rushed forward to.

She did not have children of their own, but there are a lot of children, many children in India to sponsor. Zhan Jun art not feeling, many Hongkong stars, such as Louis Koo, Chow is very keen public interest.

Vivian Chow loves art, under her pen watercolor works can be said is scheduled to be came a few in today's artists.

Vivian Chow is also a fitness enthusiast, good shape and sports are inseparable.

The media always asked Vivian Chow how to maintain the "freeze age", but Vivian Chow said: "every woman will be old, I think it is a good age gracefully." She also said, good attitude to young people.

Wrote here, can not help but think of the last century in 80s and 90s, Hong Kong actress, Brigitte Lin, Joey Wong, Maggie Cheung, Aman Chang, Rosamund Kwan, Athena Chu, Chingmy Yau...... Everyone is so vivid and unforgettable charm. "It is a kind of beauty in the ah, that is how people are very touching beauty ah, now can say is pretty similar, too deep. Back then look, they are shining a bright star."

Time passed her.

Source: Yi Zhan

Editor: TF015

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