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Is Vivian Chow 51 years old eating "preservatives"? After more than 30 years, more and more elegant and calm.

2018-10-24 09:43 Art blossoming TF015

In October 21st, the new season of "masked singing will guess and guess" is launched. The 51 year old Vivian Chow, wearing the mask, sang the song "long time no see" and "love story". When she took off the mask, she was stunned: is this the immortal who has eaten the preservative?

Vivian Chow's voice may not be very strong, but in good condition, he is still sweet enough to forget his age. Vivian Chow has been on the road for more than 30 years, and fans of songs have changed from young boys and girls to middle-aged people. Her beauty is so dazzling that many netizens are filled with emotion.

FoDDYY: Vivian Chow just needs to stand there.

Fat is nothing bad: the key is that this fairy face can still sing so beautifully, but these 50 years can't really find it.

Hi, I am Li Xiaonao: when I listen to this song, I am still in primary school. I am a little brain powder of Vivian Chow. At that time, I did not catch up with the stars, did not understand Cantonese, nor did I learn Japanese pupils. (Vivian Chow has a concert version of a Japanese section, a Cantonese), just by listening, she learned to speak the two languages totally unknown.

Some time ago, Vivian Chow opened a concert, and a group of photos shocked the Internet. On the stage, she is no more than the XX girl who shows her manners, dances, and faces. Now she is ten years older than XX's mother.

51 years old

Yi has studied seriously non - refined pictures and videos, ruled out lighting and other factors. This situation is quite capable of beating.

Vivian Chow was born in 1967 and grew up in a single parent family. When Vivian Chow was in kindergarten, her mother found her musical talent. She took up many jobs and bought a piano to study for her, but she couldn't ask the piano teacher to teach again. Vivian Chow learned to play the piano on his own, and was able to earn a living as a piano tutor when he was in high school. Because of his childhood experience, Vivian Chow developed a habit of thrift.

In 1985, Vivian Chow took part in the rookie singing competition. At the request of her mother, she gave up the contract to complete her studies. In 1986, Vivian Chow won the second runner up in the amateur DJ competition, and then joined Hongkong radio to work in the performing arts business.

In 1987, Vivian Chow joined Hongkong radio second. When DJ hosted the youth program "Youth Symphony", it became one of the most popular radio programs. Therefore, the goddess Zhou was the first to become a host.

In 1988, Vivian Chow joined TVB as host of Jin Ge Qu and starred in the first film "the three world". He was nominated for the Best Newcomer Award in the Hongkong Film Awards. In November 1988, Vivian Chow launched his first personal EP record, Vivian Chow, which was awarded platinum sales.

The first personal EP cover in 1988

Vivian Chow has many beautiful songs and few gossip, so she was called "jade girl" in the 90s of last century. Her first Mandarin album "gossip" sold more than 300 thousand copies and was selected by Japanese media as the most popular female singer in Hongkong.

Perhaps there are many songs in Vivian Chow's memory after 70 or 80's. For example, this "favorite", composed by Miyuki Nakajima, Hacken Lee's lyrics, "this moment, love is a thread, a pair of shadow, a pair of people" lyrics are really beautiful.

In 1993, Vivian Chow won the third most popular TV entertainers in the TV drama "big time". In the play, she played the "little Jew", a girl who was keen on saving money. The reason why little Judas is clumsy, shy, shy, and stingy is because he hopes to save his life when he has inherited heart attacks.

In the era of standard aesthetics that does not respect the cone face, beauty is very beautiful. Vivian Chow has a little rabbit tooth, and he doesn't cook porcelain teeth like the stars nowadays. It looks fresh and natural.

Beauty meets the prodigal son. It is a difficult situation. When the business is booming, Vivian Chow meets Ni Kuang (with Jin Yong, James Wong and Cai Lan, also known as the "Hongkong four talents") son, Hongkong "Yes!" Joe, one of the founders of the magazine, was attracted by his romantic talent. In 1997, Vivian Chow faded out of entertainment circles and followed Joe to Vancouver. She was absorbed in painting, writing and American billiards, and wrote a book for love cat.

Joe's lace news constantly, Vivian Chow has suffered tremendous pressure. At the end of 2008, Vivian Chow wrote a farewell letter because Joe was once again involved in the lace news, but suddenly announced his marriage a week later, which shocked the outside world. Love and kill nineteen years later choose to join hands, perhaps two people's things, the outside world is not eligible to judge.

In fact, the beautiful face makes people ignore Vivian Chow's many inherent characteristics. Only talking about "jade girl" is dwarfing Vivian Chow.

Vivian Chow once took part in "Kangxi's coming". After watching this program, she will feel that she is full of personality and doesn't want to compromise when she doesn't want to. For example, she once ran into a paparazzi in Japan and rushed forward to film.

She did not have her own child, but there were many children who helped many children in India. Artists can't help feeling that many Hongkong stars, such as Louis Koo and FA Ge, are keen on public welfare.

Vivian Chow loves art. Her watercolor works can be ranked among the top artists.

Vivian Chow is also a fitness enthusiast. Good shape and exercise are inseparable.

There were always media asking Vivian Chow how to maintain "frozen age", but Vivian Chow said, "every woman will be old. I think it will be nice to go down gracefully." She also said that a good attitude makes people young.

Writing here, I can not help thinking of the 80s and 90s Hong Kong and Taiwan women stars, Brigitte Lin, Joey Wong, Maggie Cheung, Aman Chang, Rosamund Kwan, Athena Chu, Chingmy Yau... Everyone has such a vivid and unforgettable charm. "What an age of contending and gorgeous times, that is how beautiful people are, but now they can only say that they are pretty similar, and are too deep. Looking back, they are really shining stars.

Time passed her.

Source: Art blossoming

Editor: TF015

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