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The Beijing botanical garden has begun to change its colorful leaf trees.

2018-10-23 16:25. Beijing daily TF001

"Red leaves in February" can be seen in the botanical garden. Today the frost falls, and the colorful leaves of Beijing botanical garden are changing colors. At present, all the white wax, maple, maple, ginkgo, Golden branch and Sophora japonica in the park are all in the best viewing period. The purple leaves, the golden ginkgo, the gourd shaped yellow gown, and the botanical garden are gorgeous in autumn.

The park lake area is surrounded by colorful tree species. In the parks and lakes, the colorful leaves such as golden branches, Sophora japonica and Qiu Zi wax have been discolourable and enter the best viewing period. Purple, orange and yellow are thick and colorful. They are reflected in the water of the lake. They are lined with colorful leaves of the blue sky, white clouds and distant mountains, just like a beautiful autumn scroll. On the hillside of the North Lake, ginkgo, torch tree, maple, oak and other colorful leaf trees add up to each other.

The Cao Xueqin Memorial and the greenhouse are the best areas to appreciate ginkgo, especially the memorial hall of Cao Xueqin. In addition to the common coloured leaf trees, Liriodendron chinense, pepper and beech trees in the botanical garden have also begun to change color, rich foliage and gorgeous colors, so that we can feel the color of autumn.

With the development of Zeng Cai green project, there are more and more colorful leaf trees in Beijing botanical garden. Meanwhile, the introduction and domestication of colored leaf species also extend the ornamental period of autumn leaves. Chen Yu, director of publicity section of Beijing botanical garden, said that Beijing's white wax was mainly a yellow leaflet variety. In recent years, the botanical garden introduced new varieties of wax, such as Qiu Huan and Qiu Zi, belonging to purple and orange varieties. Liriodendron chinense, which is not common in Beijing, has its leaves in the autumn, its name is like a beautiful yellow Liriodendron.

"White wax is windy, leaves with strong wind fall faster, and the viewing period is shorter. Tourists who are interested should come to the garden as early as possible. The leaves of the maple trees turn red later, and the viewing period is longer, which will last until mid November." Chen Yu introduced that the color leaf discoloration is due to the fact that the temperature is lower than the specific temperature, and the ornamental leaves can be divided into two stages. At present, white wax and other sensitive tree species have the best color effect. The second stage will begin to turn red around the end of this month with the continuous low temperature.


Source: Beijing daily newspaper reporter Wang Chenwen Wu Dishe

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