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Beijing botanical garden tree species started to color gorgeous autumn frost attack

2018-10-23 16:25 Beijing daily TF001

"Shuangye red flowers in February, go to the zoo to see. Today, frost, the Beijing botanical garden tree species have color, the park ash, maple, maple, ginkgo, etc. all the Golden Bough Sophora japonica into the best viewing period, the purple golden ginkgo, Fraxinus rhynchophylla, shaped like a yellow jacket jacket of the wood, a gorgeous autumn garden!

The park is the lake surrounding colorful trees showcasing the area surrounding lake in the park, Qiu Zi lake, Golden Bough Sophora japonica, wax and other tree species have color, into the best viewing period. Purple orange reflected in the lake, thick and heavy in colours, with the blue sky and white clouds and mountains of colorful characters, like a beautiful picture of autumn. The lake on the west side of the hillside, add ginkgo, torch tree, maple, oak and other tree species, cenglinjinran, show the colors of autumn.

Cao Xueqin memorial hall, the surrounding area is the best reward greenhouse of Ginkgo biloba, especially the Cao Xueqin memorial hall, there is a history of the title leaves village. In addition to the common tree species, the botanical garden of Liriodendron, mountain pepper, beech, etc. has been rich color, shape, bright colors, let you feel the colors of autumn.

With the increase of color to extend the green project, Beijing botanical garden tree species more and more, at the same time, the work also extended the annual autumn leaf ornamental period of domestication of colored leaf trees. The chief of the Beijing botanical garden Publicity Department Chen Yu introduction, Beijing before the ash is mainly yellow leaf varieties, in recent years, the introduction of new botanical garden in autumn, Qiu Zi Huan ash varieties, belonging to the purple, orange leaf variety, color, good ornamental early. Is not common in the Beijing region in the fall, Liriodendron, leaf shaped its name, like a delicate little yellow jacket.

"Ash afraid of the wind, the wind leaves fell faster, ornamental period is short, interested visitors to the park as soon as possible, maple leaves turn red, late, watch over a long period of time, lasts until mid November." Chen Yu introduced, colorful color is due to the temperature continuously below a specific temperature, to watch colorful garden, can be divided into two stages, the wax is sensitive to the temperature of the tree has shown the best color effect, second stage in the month before and after the end of the last, with low temperature, maple, Acer truncatum, sumac will turning red.


Source: Beijing Daily reporter Wang Chenwen Wu Dishe

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