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"Such as" Yi Jiang Hu Yun imperial cooperation "the angle of magic night" two people together, repeatedly breaking mystery

2018-10-23 16:06 beijing evening news TF008

The costume detective drama "magic night" is the Tencent video broadcast. The recently ended "play like Yi biography" Zhongjiang imperial and Hu Yun angle that is contrary to the two characters of Yuan Wenkang and Wu Qian, "through" to "the magic night" were played behind the scenes Consigliere and master the two joint detection, Sherlock, repeatedly breaking mystery.

"The magic night" in the background of China history the most prosperous Tang Dynasty, during the Wu Zetian administration, Shuang Lang Xia love big miss Ye Yuanan (Wu Qianshi) in a series of "nine Tianzhu" trigger. The cases is the story of the main structure, the "thousand end Nu Shen Ge" "fire" painted skin Luo Tiandong "woman" and a pile on the surface of the independent case is an important ring in the main cable, and the "nine Tianzhu" as one case.

Wu Qian earlier in the "Yi biography" as 5 elder brother Yong Qi concubines Hu Yun angle, this role is the use of Wei Yanwan, not only killed Yong Qi, also at the end to come down as Yi himself. In the "magic night", Wu Qian turned into one case Hubu Shilang daughter. Yuan Wenkang in the "Yi Zhuan" such as playing in the imperial Jiang Yubin help such as Yi go to the end, quite ring powder.

In the "magic night", Yuan Wenkang plays a wanted criminal Valet disciple Chen Tianshu monk mage, his master and teacher younger brother after the death of the bridge for nine Tianzhu, lead to disaster, becomes the source of the story. Behind the scenes created by Yuan Wenkang, the shrewd odd case not to stick at trifles division, and Wu Qian plays Ye Yuanan joy mentoring CP, in the play tricks, repeatedly breaking mystery.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Qiu Wei

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