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"The adventure of life" scores of 9.2 hair is not easy to accompany the dying old mother died feeling

2018-10-24 09:24 beijing evening news TF016

"I love you", three words is the world's most moving. In the "adventure of life", the old man was dying when a volunteer came to the side of hair is not easy to say "love you" three words, the audience was moved by the moment. "During the internship I have seen hundreds of dead patients, the first is my own mother......" Always shy singer also uncharacteristically hair is not easy to face the camera from exposing the pain to heal.

"Adventure of life" is the Tencent launched a video documentary reality show star website, score up to 9.2 points. After the trip, Zambia s Elephant summer tour, Dou Xiao America chasing tornadoes Indonesia Puncak mountain trip after fourth period of waiting for hair is not easy to be "withered life" (death and severe disability disabled elderly), as a singer he will go to experience and participate in music therapists to accompany trip. Yan grandmother and 92 year old dementia grandpa Lin sing, with "good home" 92 year old chat, teach with intellectual disabilities Xiaoqi accompaniment, with lying in bed with the creation of a new song liang...... In this life, hair is not easy to the magic of music therapy have a deeper understanding, with music and musical instruments, it is more of a company. In such a group of volunteers, Grandpa Lin received music therapy has changed a lot, "he was never hug, won't use the body to express his daughter," the voice, the audience saw the grandfather and the hair is not easy to include, each volunteer hugged.

Let the hair is not easy to change to do public service is also very large, from the beginning to the later shy active on the strange old man said "I love you" in the program, he every day open, smiling mouth, eyes persistent attention. Long hair is not easy to have a song cure ability, but he always gives people the feeling of close the door, because the "adventure of life", the answer is your hair is not easy to open, with the exploration of the world the way he also explored their own heart, and receive the healing imperceptibly. Wool is not to learn is the first professional nurse, died in front of him is his mother, he is 17 years old that year. Live in the old people's day, never see her mother grow old hair is not easy to repeatedly mention his mother: "before his death she felt her son is not a successful person, learning is not good, fail the exam, get a diploma, which made her very anxious." This era was Aya "a different point of view of" ease: "I am a mother, I know her thoughts. She never think you don't succeed, she must think you are a good boy, just worried that you don't take good care of yourself......" Then a few days later, mention mother, hair is not easy to voice a few silk relieved, the spread of cancer to the mother to eat esophageal spit, eat, "she is a strong person, must live, because she thinks her son is still not married."

The variety show arena for the past few years, has expanded from the TV screen to video website. In the fierce competition, many types of programs but serious homogenization, the audience aesthetic fatigue. The seemingly strong audience is a "passive", they were scratched by the fans laugh and cry, repeated by pouring down all kinds of hardcore "medicine", even the editor and designer of the "hand" can become the inversion program. In such a variety of audio-visual ecology, "adventure of life" can be said out of a new road, no stiff unexpected reason, no nonsense Empty Mirror subtitles and narration, quiet but the inner force of the impact. In the Double Ninth Festival, Fourth "adventure of life" and bring more social attention and discussion. Life is not the sunset twilight, late autumn, thin cool v.. With my little power to change people. As the hair is not easy to show in the final Ganwudao: I can't help everyone, but for a.

(original title: variety show the need of humane care)


Source: Beijing Evening News

Editor: TF016

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