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A boat across the Taiwan Strait to conduct "by Chinese warships show strong tracking: not cheap!

2018-10-23 14:26 The observation of Changan TF008

According to the disclosure of Reuters "the United States is considering following 7 months later, again sent warships through the Taiwan Strait" news is just the last couple of days, Taiwan's defense ministry to wait 22 days take the initiative to publish the U.S. warships through the Taiwan Strait news.

U.S. Pacific Fleet spokesman Nat Christensen also confirmed the related news, the USS Curtis Wilbur (DDG-54) "and" Antietam "(CG-54) according to international law for a" routine "crossing the Taiwan strait.

The middle of the Strait of Taiwan there is a large part of free sailing waters, warships are harmless by countries, "freedom of navigation" has never been a problem. However, the "American warships routine" transit, "obviously not in accordance with international law" confirmed "freedom of navigation" so simple.

First of all, the ships did not choose an individual to "pass", but not to hate, trumpeted the noise known to the world. The first United States Army revealed to the media "notice" after Taiwan, "Department of defense" timely publication of news, and subsequent recognition of the spokesman. Obviously, Washington took this transit as a major event.

What's more, people still remember, in July this year, the two "Burke" class destroyer has just come. This is since 2007 the U.S. "Kitty Hawk" refused to visit Hongkong, then across the Taiwan Strait, the first official confirmed that the U.S. warships across the Taiwan strait. Even if two warships formation is the lowest threshold of naval exercises, but more than 3 months to the high frequency of 2 times, and this year the United States strategic bombers in the East China Sea and South China Sea the implementation of the 17 "bombers stationed in continuous existence" task, the leaders of the United States recently all about paradox plus, releasing a strong signal.

Considering the background of Sino US trade friction today, the intention is not difficult See . Play the Taiwan card, provocative situation in Taiwan Strait, there is to highlight its strength, the so-called China provocation core interests, to put pressure on China. Some media said that Trump "two years of exploration, finally found the Taiwan commodity value". Look, Mr. Trump encountered a strong opponent, are trying to find more pressure on china.

The Taiwan question is China sovereignty and territorial integrity, Sino US relations is the most important and the most sensitive issue. Frequently play this card, the United States can get cheap?

The so-called "force is mutual". The United States and more intense, will encounter more strong reaction". When the United States make outrageous behavior, China spokesman of the Ministry of foreign affairs will make a reminder, such as condemnation. But don't go, Chinese responded only stay at the linguistic level. Take this, the United States has admitted, ships, warships Chinese two American ships followed in this process, the distance is considered to be safe. In recent years, China marine military enhancement obvious to people. Even the "safe distance", presumably also make us ships uncomfortable?

The unilateral pick thing, trying to flirt with the Taiwan Strait situation is obviously in the completely within control, the more weight of their direct carry in the Taiwan strait". Now, "a China" has gradually become the world consensus, safeguard the core interests of the China strength continued to improve, and significantly reduce the hegemony of space. The situation in Taiwan weight, America really afford to carry?

In the game the two sides of the Taiwan authorities "willing pawn" attitude is disappointing. In fact, the behavior of the United States, but is to make the cross-strait Chinese interests welfare services in the United States, it is essentially a cold war mentality, is out and out egoism and hegemony.

In this regard, the island of Taiwan is not clear. The day before, Taipei mayor Ke Wenzhe said in an interview, in between the United States and Chinese, confrontation, but Taiwan is "on the shelves". As the "goods", so natural trading with the people, once lost use value, will face the fate of No one shows any interest in.

In Taiwan, only for China, for the Chinese nation, it is the one and only, and the value of the goods beyond the immeasurable. The rest of the so-called "value", are all using this, may also disappear. I hope the Taiwan authorities don't waste a final choice.


Source: Changan observation

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