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Black comedy "gold romance" to determine the schedule of domestic actors from the director for the Asian team

2018-10-23 12:08 beijing evening news TF011

Produced by Warner Brothers, popular American movie "black gold romance", officially confirmed the domestic schedule - 11 Nov 30. This is the theme of Contemporary Asian actors in the comedy film just North American summer for three consecutive weeks at the box office champion, but also gain a complete victory reputation is known as the "2018, most can not see the good".

Set file preview, introduces the creative "unsuitable" love to the audience, Chinese American girl Rachel with love boyfriend Nick Yang returned home, but found her boyfriend super rich identity. A mansion, will be struck dumb. Let Rachel feel a family with her boyfriend Rachel will stick to their own misfits, love is a trailer left in suspense. The film is adapted from the best-selling Singapore writer Guan Kaiwen's novels, the original story of a Singapore Chinese rich family story, since the publication of the book has become fashionable for a time in the world, has created over 1 million copies, the reader was once regarded as "" the devil wears Prada "and" pride and Prejudice ". Combination". Choose to have deep reader based novel remake, producer said "I hope that through a remake of the romantic comedy film will be back to the audience".

It is worth mentioning that the "gold romance" from the director to an all Asian team, the distance of the last major members of the Asian American film "the Joy Luck Club" was released for 25 years. Especially the audience is delighted, "gold romance" in Asian image is not honest, dull, bespectacled nerd like their label role than ever in the movie of Hollywood people more positive role. We can say "gold romance" global film, is a carnival after the lapse of many years belongs to the world of Asian audience.

"Gold romance" released in North America in August 15th, the movie box office soared. The movie will be released in the first week, $34 million won the opener, winning the North American weekend box office champion. Since then, "gold romance" for the three consecutive weekend won the North American box office over the weekend! At the same time also topped the North American box office of the highest total Asian movie lineup. As of now, "gold romance" global box office has exceeded $228 million.

According to reports, the original author Guan Kai Wen Tong series a total of three. In the "Romance" gold film adaptation of great success, for the immediate will be ready in 2015 he published second novels "Chinese rich girlfriend" adapted into a movie sequel.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Wang Jinyue

Editor: TF011

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