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Zhongguancun 2018 forum held next week will be held in Beijing Shangri-La Hotel

2018-10-23 11:29 beijing evening news TF003

Reporters learned yesterday, the 2018 Zhongguancun forum will be held in Beijing Shangri-La hotel in from November 2nd to 3rd. There will be the 2014 Nobel prize in chemistry, Stefan Hale and other famous scientists participants and speakers, well-known entrepreneurs, investors and scholars, from 13 countries and regions as participants.

Zhongguancun, deputy director of the CMC Hou Yun

Zhongguancun Forum International Conference on technological innovation in the field of high level, the permanent theme of the forum is "innovation and development", is to pay close attention to the global high-tech industry development areas, innovation and entrepreneurship focus, guide the international high-end elements, build a platform for international exchanges and cooperation, accelerate the Zhongguancun National innovation demonstration zone construction to provide support. Along with the development of Zhongguancun's Zhongguancun forum is constantly growing, has held nine sessions, this year is tenth. Zhongguancun 2018 forum is the theme of "global innovation and high quality development".

Zhongguancun entrepreneurs Advisory Committee executive vice chairman Wang Xiaolan

On behalf of the organizers, Zhongguancun Development Group General Manager Xuan Hong introduction, the current Zhongguancun forum will be beyond any previous scale debut. The question set, in addition to the main forum, closing five forums, there are a total of seven parts. Invited guests, the forum invited guests with government leaders, entrepreneurs, educators, researchers, academics, investors, organizers and innovative service providers association. The 2014 Nobel Laureate in chemistry, Marx Planck, director of the Institute of biological chemistry Stefan Hale, the Royal Academy of engineering, NXP chairman Sir Peter Bonfield and Israel Institute of technology President Perez Ravi have been identified to participate in this event. The domestic heavyweight guests Liu Chuanzhi, founder of millet technology company Lenovo Group Chairman Lei Jun, President of the University of West Lake and Mr. Shi Hongkong exchange CEO Mr. Li Xiaojia.

Zhongguancun Development Group General Manager Xuan Hong

The forum is expected two days a total of more than 1000 people attend the meeting. The forum online registration way, friends can register login click on the application. As the depth of communication more convenient forum participants, Zhongguancun forum after the Davos forum, support during the forum between the participants and by appointment booking service. The participants through the audit, participants can choose other participants appointment line of interest in the website system under the meeting about the staff to finalize the time line meeting.

This forum is to attract more social forces to participate in, by the Zhongguancun development group, while Scarlett as organizers, joint Zhongguancun entrepreneurs Advisory Committee, Zhongguancun Federation of industry technology alliance, a global think tank, Research Institute, new supply of Chinese economics forum jointly organized the future. The Bank of Beijing, Zhongguancun IC Design Park is a strategic co-operation forum.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter Zhang Pinqiu

Editor: TF003

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