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"Neptune" ahead of North America in two weeks Wen Ziren was released to create realistic underwater world

2018-10-23 10:19 beijing evening news TF011

Produced by Warner Bros. DC new superhero movie "Neptune" announced the scheduled December 7th National release, a full two weeks ahead of North America, has become the world's first Chinese first feel the charm of the national sea king. The film was directed by Wen Ziren Jason Moamar ("Justice League"), Amber Heard ("Justice League"), Patrick Wilson ("evocation" series of films), Niicole Kidman ("all the time"), William Dafoe ("Spider Man 2"), Yahya Abdul mydin ("young hip-hop dream") and other Hollywood actors starring strength.

The exposure of the trailer, across seven oceans vast undersea world started slowly, giving the audience a visual spectacle of shock. The sea king decided to embark on a memorable journey, more students have to face and the king of the sea trial, the domineering king road to the rise of emerging, mass hanging skill is the infinite charm. When Neptune can take it leisurely and unoppressively talking to sharks, adult he is holding the submarine force is infinite, then empty handed combat edge bursting. In addition, in the magnificent undersea world building community is eye-opening, Neptune and Mae La adventure story also thrilling together.

More exciting is, "" as the overlord of the sea king's first independent film, by hand to create "fast and the furious 7" Hollywood famous Asian director Wen Ziren. It is reported that 80% of the movie scene takes place in the water, all through the most cutting-edge technology and shooting frame grinding effects appear. The submarine shapes in the trailer race appearance, true to life of exotic animals, lifelike and vivid the characters of underwater travel, show the movie perfect effects and extraordinary texture. This not only represents Wen Ziren's outstanding directing skill, but also represents a huge breakthrough in technology achievement of Hollywood.



Source: Beijing evening news reporter Li Li

Editor: TF011

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