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"Zhengyang woman" Jiang Wenli under the door of small businesses to open tunnel beijingstyle story about the pub

2018-10-23 10:46 beijing evening news TF011

The screen gift season, to commemorate the 40th anniversary reform and opening up, the major platform tribute repertoire debut. Is Beijing TV hit "Zhengyang a young woman" in Beijing, the audience familiar with the authentic beijingstyle, tells the story of a female entrepreneurship treasure under the inspirational story.

"Little woman" tells the story of the Zhengyang door soon break with her husband Xu Huizhen (Jiang Wenli ornaments), inherit patrimony when on the tavern owner. In public-private partnerships, reform and opening up in the tide of history, she and her husband Cai Quanwu (Ni Dahong ornaments) to support each other to work together in the final ordeal, daughter and nieces, become the female entrepreneurs inspirational story. The play to a pub for decades of changes as a clue, reflect the old city of Beijing Hutong life mark, society and business development, the series immediately present tavern scene like a window of the society, where a collection of people, 35 friends, a small tradesmen and porters, small wine pot, and 22 peanuts, the little guy drunk talk about the topic of both the big front door under the small household affairs also have public-private partnerships, this era of topic, pure beijingstyle let Beijing audience feel warm, authentic life reminiscent of Lao She's "teahouse".

Jiang Wenli starred in Xu Huizhen is the soul, the "great wisdom" and "little woman" in a few years on the road of entrepreneurship led the relatives and friends all regardless of the weather. After the introduction of the character of Xu Huizhen, director Liu Jiacheng said: "the tavern owner very business minded, carefully and seriously, her integrity, good at bargaining, has a nature of people's life is simple in front of the interests, but after the money, she helped the weak, full of sympathy for the people. Facing the rapid pace of the society, when young people find a lot of ideas beyond her, she resolutely put down his inheritance, to the next generation, will give the child to do business. It can be said that she is the social progress in the wave of builders, also played a common driving force." Jiang Wenli in the first reading of the scenario, it was attracted to plot and character. In the day before at the premiere conference, Jiang Wenli special thanks to director Liu Jiacheng, give yourself a chance to challenge a time span of several decades of role.

Drama, Ni Dahong plays Cai Quanwu Xu Huizhen's "number one fan", Xu Huizhen's success cannot do without Cai Quanwu's silence to pay. Cai Quanwu's name comes from "in an old saying" augmented Yin Wen, "the man who was half the province", meaning to know is less two, He that talks much errs much. Ni Dahong is also very grateful to the director Liu Jiacheng find love to talk to yourself, to play the full no incommunicative cai. This is consistent with their own temperament and played the role, brought no small difficulty to Ni Dahong, because people don't talk too much, it is difficult to portray a character. "It is difficult to he nothing, do not know how to express his. Art comes from life than life. So I think a lot of other aspects, such as the details of the action can help me to create all without the role of cai." The whole design of CAI Ni Dahong specially for "play" details "from young to old, has been playing the hand, but not just playing the hand, but according to the development of the plot, strength, feeling, listening to some wrong things and so on, to change the rhythm of his heart. If the Hui really wronged him what, this hand in the course of play, can be a little shake." During the filming, the director Liu Jiacheng also recognized the "sound of silence" design, often do not take Ni Dahong's face, the lens directly push hands.

"Zhengyang door small woman" in addition to the wonderful interpretation of Jiang Wenli and Ni Dahong, also assembled Hairong Tian, Qiao Dawei and Li, Wu Xiaoyu, Cui Xinxin, Chen Shu, Fu, Fu Qiang Wei, a congregation of old actor. Executive producer Hao Jinming also has wonderful performance in the play, as a well respected and all reasonable Juqi Beijing masterses son ye cattle. For the Beijing opera, Hao Jinming concluded: "the door" Zhengyang small woman "is tortuous emotional story, profound traditional code of conduct have modern consciousness, collision and traditional values, is a heart, heart, heart, heart, heart warming is drama."


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Qiu Wei

Editor: TF011

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