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Beijing a few streets to solve the problem of sharing bikes can not stop road vehicles illegally parked a coup

2018-10-23 11:39 beijing evening news TF017

The citizens of some time ago to the city non emergency service center 12345 about all kinds of difficult side, but also made a lot of people's eyes good advice. This column continued to focus on people's livelihood, the people who reflect the question of whether has been the attention of the relevant departments? Whether it be a satisfactory solution? Recently, our reporter has reported a return visit to the people's livelihood, found a lot of problems have been solved satisfactorily.

Location: Nankou Railway Station subway 1 huixinxijie

In July 5th this year, this column reports the subway huixinxijie Nankou Railway Station C outside of the sidewalk, shared by a large number of bikes that blocked passers-by to. Problem reports after only four days, the situation has been thoroughly improved, the reporter found that the subway for road bicycle appear to share the spread of newspaper is not the first time, after cleaning and then rebound is a problem, after a long time observation records, the subway related problems still does not appear again, expressed satisfaction this public.

Status: transfer of surplus bike sharing

Recently, reporters in the morning and evening peak, two visit to the subway station, found the bike sharing for road has disappeared, the first report, some people mentioned, a number of brand operation personnel sharing bikes per day will be transported to a large number of bicycles and vehicles that excess and brand competition have a certain relationship, the attention of reporters to the station, can still see the operation, but the operation was done by personnel are riding a tricycle, the excess bike sharing transfer, to ensure the smooth flow of road.

Solution: belt park bike sharing

Some people suggested last report, in addition to clean up the station near the sidewalk, whether can belt out, so some people ride it over, or a place to stop, it is expected to completely solve the problem of accounting for the road, the reporter saw, the recommendations of the public has been achieved. In the report, the territorial has ordered the point of bicycle sharing enterprises sharing bicycle problems for rectification. In July 9th, the point of the rectification has been completed.

Location: 2 Henan road walking Avenue South

In August 10th this year, the newspaper reported, Henan road walking road chaos, and sharing the bicycle still. Henan road sidewalk Xiba draw a yellow special trail for nearby residents exercise, before August, the pavement was as a "garage" bike sharing, a large number of damaged bike sharing occupy the sidewalk, more people photographed, maintenance personnel accounted for pavement repair. The people mentioned, this phenomenon is not only unsightly, bars and other metal parts scattered on the walking street, security risks are more likely to be injured foot.

The status quo: Lane sharing bicycle disappeared

Recently the reporter visits found that walking on the road bike sharing has disappeared, this road is back wide and clean. In the return visit to nearby residents said, this newspaper reported the issue, and the relevant departments attach great importance to the street, they saw the staff management, communication and sharing of cycling operation personnel, in the report after a few days, the problem has been resolved.

Solution: to clean up illegal parking

The reporter learned that, after reports of territorial street traffic brigade joint law enforcement operations, has been on the road and stacking violations remediation clean bicycle maintenance company responsible person interviewed sharing, the site supervision and rectification, standardize management, is strictly prohibited in public fitness trails on stacking, bicycle and bicycle sharing placed in sharing service.

3 place: Taiyanggong park on the west side of mercury

In June 21st this year, the newspaper reported a strange thing, a path of Chaoyang District Sun Palace Garden District on the west side of mercury, a number of vehicles parked astride sidewalk, was on the roof, "violence" was put on the car sharing bicycle scene looks like acrobatics.

At the time of the interview, the reporter noted, the road outside the district after the rectification, the original old parking line erased into the lane. But the sidewalk also piled up a lot of bike sharing, peripheral security personnel also mentioned that these shared bicycle placed in the teeth, in order to prevent the vehicle is parked on the sidewalk climbing, hinder pedestrians, but the effect is not ideal.

Status: unified installation guardrail

Reporter recently saw the visit, the path, and after a more thorough rectification, the past was not see parking chaos. Side of the sidewalk, the fence is installed, the vehicle cannot climb wanton Road, the whole road lane and parking area of the logo is also more clear, the surrounding residents orderly parking of vehicles. On the sidewalk a lot of shared bicycle original has lost the meaning of existence, has been cleared.

Solution: clean up illegally parked vehicles set up car stop pier

The reporter learned that, after the report, Taiyanggong Township, Chaoyang traffic detachment, clean up illegally parked vehicles on the road, and increase the illegal parking away and law enforcement. In order to solve the parking problem of pedestrian vehicle tying, set up car stop in the pier and pedestrian trails, to prevent the vehicle tie up the sidewalk phenomenon. At the same time, to the surrounding residents publicity, to guide residents to avoid the excesses of civilization parking. Reporter Jing Yiming text and photo J168


And these people's livelihood problems are solved

In June 18 Japanese newspaper reported, ITA home frequently a home without water, ITA last June the completion of others, from the beginning of April this year, the residents of the home frequently without water, according to residents of the record has been 6 times without water. Residents said, without water, water and tap water is not the car group, but close to the "Beijing municipal Luqiao sprinkler maintenance group", drinking is not practical.

After reports of territorial street first contact group for the first time arrangement of tap water tankers on-site water supply, and make community work of propaganda and explanation. At present, the city tap water group five East water supply pipeline has been completed through the water, the district water supply problem has been completely resolved.

In June 18 Japanese newspaper reported, near Wangjing road and River Road intersection Hirosawa shadow of the northwest corner of the intersection of the public lawn, a public toilet has been completed, but has not open, public toilets nearby residents hope as soon as possible to provide convenience for people to report, the Management Committee of Chaoyang District, Landscaping Bureau, East Lake street has been research on ground water project the toilet is enabled.

In June 21st, the newspaper reported, Chaoyang District Hujialou in tap water pipe hot water from the west, damaged households in Chaoyang District, said the people call the building of 14 floor of the West in home tap water pipe suddenly jump out of a braved the white smoke column. In the report on the same day, Chaoyang District Housing Authority for the maintenance of household water pipes, and in August 25 6 review, no problem.

7 - 18 July, the newspaper reported, Puhuangyu Hospital No. 3 lane two, frequent rain water, residents travel difficult. It is understood that the area is slightly lower than the surrounding road, after verification of the Institute of basic drainage unobstructed, rainfall is too short. According to the high ground pad problem, since the quantity is relatively large, and have a certain effect on the interests of other tenants. Therefore, the streets take on the drain again wash dredge, arrange water pumps and other measures to solve the problem of heavy rain water. At the same time, the neighborhood in the small courtyard to add a 40 cm high water retaining wall, so as to solve the water problem.

Source: Beijing Evening News

Editor: TF017

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