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Red drama "Sekiwoon Nagatadayoshi" sing "Xicheng District people Qiangiu theater performances"

2018-10-23 09:40 beijing evening news TF003

In October 22nd, organized by the District Culture Commission, Beijing and Peking Opera Troupe contractors, Beijing opera, Beijing opera art Career Academy organized the Xicheng District people's Theatre Festival "" Sekiwoon Nagatadayoshi "at the Mei Lanfang theatre, chiaki. The characters of Guan Yu by opera lovers played by Xu Liren, comedian Guo Degang Cao Cao, professional opera actor and Jiao Jianqi, Yu Shuai and Songyan Liu Yang portrait of joining the show.

According to the organizers, as the birthplace of Western opera, outstanding people, since huiban in Beijing, Cobain, troupes, celebrities, theatre theater focused on this, gave birth to the birth of the opera, development and prosperity, training a large number of Peking Opera talents have inexhaustibly opera story. "People Theatre Festival" brand as an important part of the art of West "," people play, free, expert help, with the star "features, to build a bridge for people dream of art, the Chinese traditional culture to carry forward to the people. General secretary Xi Jinping pointed out in his speech: abandon the traditional, lost simply, is to cut off his own spiritual life. Peking Opera is a typical representative of Chinese traditional culture, we have the responsibility to inherit and carry forward the popularization and revitalize the quintessence of art and do their modest.

Xu Liren introduced the "west city people Theatre Festival" is the west district to carry forward the excellent traditional culture of Chinese opera, the revitalization of cultural Huimin engineering, since the beginning of 2013, in Wang Zhanyun, Zhang Baoyuan, and many other opera masters Songyan teachers and under the guidance of Mr. Guo Degang's friendship help speech, their continuous singing "the ancient city" all "," Huarong "," Farewell to My Concubine "war" "Five" Da Xi Huang Zhuang Wancheng drama, and will dedicate a red drama "Sekiwoon Nagatadayoshi" will this year.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter Yan Tong

Editor: TF003

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