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Beijing Qincheng village like real square decoration garbage cleaned will also see seam insert green further beautify

2018-10-23 08:54 The party to help you do TF011

In October 12th, the Beijing Daily reported that the Changping District Qincheng village like a real square in the southwest side of the open space on the roadside, a pile of broken wood lumber and renovation waste, not only damage the environment, but also easy to be ignited the fire, there are security risks.

The one reported, immediately caused the Changping District Xingshou town Party committee and government attach great importance to the early morning of October 12th, was sent to the scene to verify the process. After investigation, the square lumber debris is mainly produced by the villagers self built housing construction waste wood and decoration with color plates, a total of about 30 tons. In October 14th, Xingshou town government town center, office of security arrangements and other functional departments, urban management unit staff in conjunction with the Qincheng village, dispatched 3 trucks, 25 workers, forklift 1 vehicles, to the scene of debris remediation, a total of 15 car clean waste, eliminating the security risks.

The village of Qincheng debris piled up for safety education, to prevent a similar situation happens later; at the same time, by the town and village two relevant departments to strengthen inspections of village environment protection, environmental remediation effect. Xingshou relevant person in charge told the Beijing Daily said, the next step will be taken by Qincheng village to see seam insert green way, to further beautify the village, the construction of the beautiful countryside.



Source: Beijing daily newspaper to help you do

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