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"Business times" the users score only 3.6 entrepreneurs who took who why workplace drama embarrassing?

2018-10-23 08:47 beijing evening news TF016

Is Zhejiang TV and Oriental TV broadcast star studded "pioneering era" was given users a score of 3.6, in recent years become a workplace business and a low drama works, plus a niche strength play bone, can save the plot and suspension design, resulting in the outbreak. Starring Angela Baby for everyone to question her acting in micro-blog voice said "take criticism".

Author: Qiu Wei

Angela Baby data figure Xinhua News Agency for map

"Business times" embarrassment in recent years with the same type of drama in the same: all were labeled with different God's favored one, rigid industry label, and then under occupation coat fancy interpretation of a variety of emotional entanglements, and truly embody the "industry" the key word part and the reality is to all this, the routine continues, the future of the domestic business workplace drama, drama, family drama, is likely to step in the footsteps of palace douju, become the hardest hit drama from embarrassment.

Since the release of a movie, the audience used to research behind the "cast" lineup. By flying award director An Jian in the guide tube, strength Xiaosheng Huang Xuan, Yiwei Zhou led the "pioneering era", in the early stage should be optimistic about the market, not to mention, which also included Wang Xueqi, Han Tongsheng, Li Jianyi, joined Wang Yaoqing and other actors of strength.

But in the first few episodes, the current launch even if the star studded, still can not avoid a drama in the story and the characters and settings of the mishap. Huang Xuan plays the hero is a software engineer, with a few sets, plaid shirt dress, backpack and "code rural" identity is quite consistent, but in the plot of this character but because of excessive perfectionism and idealism and reality logic contrary, let a person feel "not true", as in a car accident be inspired house of inspiration, he was unemployed divorced whim to Tibet, then conducted by telephone with the memory of love, without the emotional trauma after the divorce, no severance compensation after bankruptcy, in the absence of any responsibility and pressure conditions, with a cavity blood and passion to expand entrepreneurship, this the lack of logical foreshadowing of the "chicken" story, Huang Xuan seemed to have had to rely on the state to perform almost roaring, but for the audience, look after the rest is probably the most embarrassing and inexplicable.

Angela Baby's performance has become a target for all, to be honest, she starred in the investment group analyst, regardless of temperament or performances, are inadequate, the role of the smart and make a prompt decision to feelings, are processed into a frown and yell. But the main problem is that the entire work suspension plot and lack of logic design, and Angela Baby's performance, which is not the biggest flaw.

For a good start to become a workplace drama, above the background should not be ignored, the characterization of the fate through the changes of the times, is often the essential elements of classical heritage. Early stock market reflects the Hongkong property market situation of the "new era" "Genesis", are not only embodies the heavy sense of history, and tells the people's occupation reputation masterpiece "domestic refuse to be cowed or submit;" and "Wenzhou feather fly one family", but also in the context of the times, will be concentrated in the perspective of Zhejiang Wenzhou and Yiwu grass, which reflects the characters make efforts in the entrepreneurial process.

Compared to before, "business times" to avoid the fusion and the background of the times, not only that, the play also deviated from the "career" as the core. The so-called workplace drama, mainly reflects an industry sector in the living and working conditions, and through the people's behavior, further embody workplace rules, requirements and characteristics of occupation.

In the "era of entrepreneurship", some small details is sufficient to illustrate the creative team for the Internet and business, the lack of adequate understanding of beforehand. The hero saw investors but called "beauty", the network technology two men wear a suit, leaving the stripped to his underwear, the heroine's small boyfriend appeared, can enter directly to interrupt the company meeting, similar to the details of the whole drama to be too numerous to enumerate, this should be the lack of occupation and breath the characteristics of the core ".

Stiffly to the role with "entrepreneurs" and "code" and "law" "negotiator" label is not difficult, it is difficult to let the audience be the occupation of reality and little-known plot to attract, and then recognized and ideological content transfer works, the need of works of art the main actor of the workplace and to the survival status of "Empathy": in the north of Guangzhou this metropolis, everyone eager to see in the occupation, it is in the reinforced concrete jungle, the glass windows under reflected, their efforts to live like, but in the domestic drama in the workplace. Beautiful people speak often are absolutely ignorant of the workplace.

Since this year, TV drama, drama career record low business reputation, such as Yang Mi, Huang Zitao starred in the "official" negotiation score only 3.4 points, William Chan, white lily starring the "Southern tree" but also 5.3 points. These works such as "business times" as the theme of the novel, focusing on the new economic environment of young entrepreneurs to start the story, why not some Kung Fu, life truly experience and try to figure out the entrepreneur, deduce the original appearance of the workplace.

(original title: workplace drama why entrepreneurship who took who embarrassed)


Source: Beijing Evening News

Editor: TF016

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