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Both opening! A shares index rose over 4%, Shanghai and Shenzhen 200 stock trading

2018-10-22 16:48 In the new longitude TF003

Last week by landing good news, Monday market finally celebrate spring! Both the Shanghai and Shenzhen two city opened the plate across the board, stocks broad, Shanghai refers to an early return to 2600 points after continued to rise, the highest intraday rose up to 4.88%; the highest gem index rose over 6%. Close late, the stock index fell slightly blocked for 20 days.

Shanghai and Shenzhen stock market index source: Wind

At the close, the stock index at 2654.88 points, up 4.09%, turnover of 197 billion 300 million yuan; Shenzhen component index reported 77478.82 points, up 4.89%, turnover of 224 billion 700 million yuan; the gem index reported 1314.94 points, or 5.20%, turnover of 72 billion 800 million yuan. Two, the total turnover of over 400 billion yuan, far exceeding the previous day total turnover.

On the surface, the brokerage sector overall index rose 10% rare, sector stocks collective limit.

Consumer sector strong, BY-HEALTH trading, Shuijingfang rose nearly 8%, Yili, Anjoy food, Juewei food have to rise. Time shares continued to move up, increte, Spaceon electronics, MINDRAY, Topstrong medical record set more than 10 stock trading, the Great Wall military, Rundu shares, new equipment upstream collective.

ST plate *ST active, Chong Hing, ST Shanghai branch and ST rock, ST Chang fish, *ST Xoceco and other stocks daily limit. On the news, recently, the Commission spokesman said at a press conference, in response to market demand, and unified by any company to declare IPO regulatory standards, support quality enterprises involved in mergers and acquisitions of listed companies, promote to enhance the quality of listed companies, the Commission will IPO is not planning to the enterprise restructuring and listing period from 3 years 6 months.

Stocks, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two city over 200 stock trading; China safe turnover exceeded 10 billion yuan, ranks first in the two cities, hit a new high of nearly six months. Stocks floating green only more than 10 shares, Beijing Science and technology, to realize the limit of *ST blue.

The news on October 19th (Friday), the central bank, silver China Insurance Regulatory Commission and the Commission also called stability maintenance market. Then, Vice Premier Liu He interviewed by the media to respond to the current economic situation, the stock market, private enterprises, employment, people back into the country, this is the highest level of financial supervision for the first time the stock market given in response to the current hot issues.

Saturday (October 20th), Vice Premier Liu He chaired the finance committee special meeting of five big tone, stable market rules mature immediately after the launch. Sunday (October 21st) afternoon, Shanghai, Shenzhen and China Fund Industry Association of the three departments announced that will actively take effective measures to safeguard the healthy and stable development of the market.

Societe Generale Securities issued strategy report pointed out that the high-level collective voice favorable investor pessimism repair. Societe Generale Securities believes that, after all, the current market is the lack of confidence, confidence is more important than gold. The regulators and policymakers at the moment of collective voice, to improve the market pessimism, confidence plays a very positive role.

Looking ahead, Haitong Securities believes that the recent high-level sound released positive policy signals, the year the biggest rebound is unfolding. Haitong card said, the current market valuation and the mood at the bottom of the history, quickly dropped sharply after favorable policies continue, every year there is a wave of 2000 rose more than 10% of the market, this year has not appeared.

Huatai Securities analysts pointed out that the expected earnings of three short period continue to fall, continue dropping or valuation has been reflected more pessimistic market expectations. The short term, A shares market risk has been fully released, investors without excessive pessimism and fear, tax equity pledge, risk margin improvement is expected to drive the market risk appetite repair; the medium term, to maintain the short period possible next year (the inventory cycle) and cycle (cycle capacity) this view brings resonance rising market opportunities. (new latitude APP)

(original title: A shares of the three major stock indexes rose over 4% in Shanghai and Shenzhen two cities over 200 stocks daily limit)

Source: new latitude

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