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Following the "ambush" "national cadres" after Zhang Ping after a lapse of 14 years to write novels

2018-10-23 09:37 beijing evening news TF016

Talking about "the choice" "house of Flying Daggers" "national" cadres and other anti-corruption works, readers will think of the famous writer Zhang Ping's name. After a lapse of 14 years, Zhang Ping was a realistic masterpiece of "new life" by the Writers Publishing house. The work of a launch, which caused a strong reaction and attention, is considered to be a masterpiece with the times of proportion, and China editing Institute and the Institute of Arts and letters issued by China publishing published the "the committee" 2018 Chinese literature book.

Author: Growth

Figure: Song Xi

"New life" from the current political life in the "anti-corruption" event of social phenomena to accommodate the dazzling and the era of sorrow covers set people thinking, the fight against corruption, education reform, health care reform, the transformation of the city people are most concerned about the topic. But writing, Zhang Ping has changed the usual "anti-corruption" ideas, not directly to the corrupt officials corrupt mentality, nor reveals outrageous corruption shady, but focuses on a down-to-earth family, ordinary people and the fate of the times closely together, close to reality, to write on close to life, describing ordinary people in this struggle experience, reveal the life of ordinary people and fate, more subtly reflects the complicated social reality, but also deeply touched the pain of reality, thinking more deeply.

"New life" will be delivered to the people's anti-corruption task again. Wei Hongzhi in the face of the various interests of the draw lure, always adhere to the person's innocence and the bottom line, Wu Xiang to father good husband to forbear, care of the family and Ding Ding in a disastrous state, followed by the "growth" juvenile dignity, to defend the family honor, cleaned up the secular bias, and the driver Liu and vice president Li Xianglong hospital with gratitude and loyalty, kind-hearted human noble, embody the folk moral ethics. In the new work, Zhang Ping will be the "people" really pushed to the center of the novel, real people into the novels, works with the feeling of people, shake.

In the recently held seminar, the writers and critics have this new film Zhang Ping presents his ideas. China as vice president Li Jingze think, "new life" art focus is meaningful, inventive, is one of the major themes of our times and showed a strong response. China vice chairman of the writers Yan Jingming, Zhang Ping's works have always been the concern of the people, pay attention to people's livelihood, under the background of new era, "the new life" was more attention, more widely, which reflects the rich social connotation, more people's livelihood color. President Zhong Chengxiang Chinese Critics Association believes that the "new life" such a height, depth and intensity, temperature of the anti-corruption works, can effectively cultivate the whole society to build national anti-corruption culture atmosphere. The Writers Publishing House former editor in chief Zhang Ling believes that "new life" the novelty and originality is the author to reflect the corruption level thinking from daily life of ordinary people.

Talking about "life" re creation, Zhang Ping said that the creation of realistic themes involves many conflicts and contradictions, sometimes feel really too difficult to write". He hoped that through this work, let people cherish the hard won achievements of anti-corruption, so that leading cadres can postures, puxiashenzai, unconditionally into people, really become a member of the people, live with people, anxious people are anxious, I hope the people, and the people. Zhang Ping, one of the leading cadres, only with the lives of ordinary people in the same amount, it will truly appreciate the joys of the people, in order to truly resolve to solve the difficulties and problems faced by ordinary people. This novel expresses the theme, as he wrote in "postscript, the way is long, but full of hope. The air blowing, will be a riot of colour. People will use the flowers on earth, to meet with the new national revitalization and national culture."

(original title: fourteen years after Zhang Ping to write novels)


Source: Beijing Evening News

Editor: TF016

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