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A shares to meet the new spring: stock index rose over a hundred points, Shenzhen GEM soared over 5%

2018-10-22 11:52 beijing evening news TF015

Behind the A stock policy one after another, in Changyang on Friday after the market, stock index rose 2.58%, today in the policy to pick up in the background, the market rose again. Prev easily regained 2600 points, the gem index rose more morning was approaching 5%. Number of agencies said that market or are close to the bottom of history.

Morning market enthusiasm to do more significant

After the A shares fell behind, A shares have continued to appear sound. Last week, a head of NPC and CPPCC expressed their support of A stock market, related to the leadership of the stock market steady sound dimension.

Related to the leadership said that the analysis of attention of the international investment institutions of China stock assessment and professional market mechanism. All the more consistent view is that from the global asset allocation, China is becoming the most investment value of the market bubble has been greatly reduced, the quality of listed companies is improving, valuations at historic lows, so a lot of advice China paid great attention to the stock market, the stock market has China that has higher investment value. On the assessment, believe that investors will make a rational judgment. It can be said that the adjustment and clearing of the stock market, the stock market's long-term healthy development to create a good investment opportunity.

The market also made a positive response on Friday, Friday stock index rebounded sharply. Good news over the weekend to pick up the policy also emerged one after another. Today morning, the market to do more enthusiasm, finance, hotel, food and other sectors have soared, the stock index regained 2600 points easily.

Two dimensional steady Stock Exchange

Yesterday, the two exchanges in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock market for synchronous sound. The Shanghai stock exchange official website entitled "actively take effective measures to maintain market stability and healthy development of" the article said that the Shanghai Stock Exchange proposed 5 measures to actively resolve market risk, the Shanghai Stock Exchange proposed, will continue to monitor the dynamic changes of equity pledge risk, make equity pledge risk management solutions, to improve the listed company share transfer agreement, stock pledged repo trading rules, stable and effectively resolve the stock mortgage default risk provide a mechanism to protect. Actively studying the introduction of innovative fund and other financial instruments to help promising but temporary operating difficulties of the listed company stock pledge to relieve the plight of.

The Shenzhen Stock Exchange also released entitled "Shenzhen seriously implement the Deputy Prime Minister Liu He on the stock market requirements" the article said, the top and bottom to maintain market stability and to prevent and resolve the key risks in a prominent position. A comprehensive investigation of the risk of listed companies, perfecting the stock pledge information disclosure rules, and local governments, financial institutions and other relevant aspects closely together to help support promising but temporary operating difficulties of the listed company stock pledge to relieve the plight of.

The reorganization interval shortened for 6 months

20 evening, the Commission also released the good news. Commission spokesman Chang Depeng IPO is not business as the underlying assets involved in the reorganization transaction of the listed company policy a reporter asked, Chang Depeng pointed out that the Commission will IPO is not planning to the enterprise restructuring and listing period from 3 years to 6 months.

In this regard, Haitong strategy opinion said that this adjustment will be the relevant period of unity, help for liquidity reasons related to troubled businesses to accept the quality of companies involved in mergers and acquisitions of listed companies, will help enhance market activity.

The factors still need to clear the long-term downward

Qianhai Kaiyuan chief economist Yang Delong said that the historical experience, high level leaders sound and stable market measures will help reduce uncertainty of policy efforts, consolidate the policy at the end stage, have boosted the market decline or ease the effect. The market performance measures to stabilize the market analogy several times larger level or high sounding, stabilize or rebound probability. To solve the financing and liquidity risk for progressive introduction of policy easing warmth investors worried about the market risk appetite, repair. Many departments jointly issued a number of favorable policies to reverse the sharp current market expectations and pessimism. From the monthly view, bottom position now A stock market in the long line, just above the long-term trend line, which also shows that the current market is close to the bottom of history, can consider admission. Need to be reminded that the early introduction of favorable policies, confidence has not fully recovered, or unable to quickly change the market. As market soared, basically confirmed the reversal, "through the darkness of dawn."

GF strategy said, A shares of the market bottom often lag "policy bottom", mainly due to the policy by the tight turn loose the early market, there are differences on policy and effect; and some economic data may still be in inertia to ease the economic downturn trend, investors worry No.

Financial commentator Guo Shiliang said that the stock market is not a spring, warmer policy can play an influential role, the key lies in the implementation of continuous support and positive policy environment. In addition, for long-term suppression of the stock market downturn, still needs to be clear, not too much influence due to external factors.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Yu Jian

Editor: TF015

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