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Beijing Chaoyang hundred "culture +" project focused on the Beijing Expo to show these new highlights.

2018-10-22 10:54. beijing evening news TF003

The first national cultural industry innovation experimentation area in China, the first alliance of protection and utilization of old factories and urban cultural development in China, is the first in China to create a cloud Park Based on big data and cloud technology. A series of new formats, new products, new technologies, new platforms and more than 100 cultural and creative theme activities of Chaoyang District's integration of culture and technology, finance and tourism will focus on the thirteenth Beijing Cultural Expo. This reporter learned this morning from the thirteenth Beijing Chaoyang District press conference.

According to reports, in recent years, Chaoyang District's cultural industry has been developing vigorously. In the 1-6 month of 2018, the above scale cultural enterprises realized an income of 171 billion 660 million yuan. As of the end of July 2018, there were 8.9 cultural enterprises registered in Chaoyang District, 3349 new cultural enterprises this year, 8 new listed cultural enterprises, such as live broadcast, letter and starry sky, and so on. At present, there are 194 listed cultural enterprises in Chaoyang District, including a group of "Unicorn" enterprises, such as mellywood, excellent customer workshop, micro ticket, etc., and become the core area of the capital's "national cultural center", leading the innovation and development of the national cultural industry.

It is understood that this year, Chaoyang District adopts the "1+21" mode to participate in the thirteenth Beijing Cultural Expo series exhibition, namely, 1 main exhibition area +21 sub venues. The main exhibition area is located at Hall 4 of China International Exhibition Center. With the theme of "Beijing Chaoyang - the national cultural industry innovation experimentation area", with the characteristics of "culture +" industry integration and new interactive experience, hundreds of "high quality" cultural industry projects, brand enterprises and brand activities will be unveiled to fully demonstrate the characteristics and highlights of Chaoyang District's cultural industry.

"This year, Chaoyang District highlights the new achievements in the integration and development of culture, science, technology, finance, tourism, information and other industries, highlighting the transmission and innovation of Chinese traditional culture and international cultural dialogue and exchanges. We have carefully selected from the region more than 8.9 literary and creative enterprises to display new ideas, new products, new technologies and new modes in the field of well-known enterprises in the field of industry, and focus on display, promotion and exchange and cooperation to serve the construction of the capital's national cultural center." Chaoyang District cultural creative industry development center responsible person told reporters. For example, the first union of protection and utilization of old factories and urban cultural development in China will debut in the Beijing cultural fair, and carefully select 50 cultural industrial parks in the transformation and transformation of old factories in China to fully demonstrate the achievements of protection and utilization of old factories and urban cultural development in China.

Reporters learned that, apart from the main exhibition area, during the thirteenth Beijing cultural fair, 21 cultural and Creative Industries Park (base) in Chaoyang District will also set up a conference hall, elaborately planning more than 100 cultural and creative theme activities, involving digital creativity, intangible cultural heritage, fashion inspection, culture and art, innovative technology, international cultural exchange and other fields. These rich and colorful cultural and creative activities are open to the public, and the public can enjoy the feast of cultural Huimin in the near future.

These include: the 2018 China Digital creativity and Technology Expo focusing on the theme of "digital technology integration". At the same time, it will release the first cultural and technological products such as the 4D city IP movie roaming the Chaoyang, the 2018 edition of the list of new technologies for digital creativity and so on. It will bring together traditional crafts such as "dragon scale", "Yanjing eight absolutely", and the second Maolong cultural and artistic festival of African drumming culture and art. The Beijing international cultural and creative garden of Theron, the largest cement silo in the world, will hold a Russian Print Exhibition, featuring Russian prints and lighting the "one belt and one road" cultural tour.

The head of Chaoyang District said: "we hope that the Beijing cultural fair will serve as a public service platform for the display, exchange and cooperation of the national cultural and creative industries, and serve the construction of the capital's national cultural center. At the same time, it also hopes to provide more colorful cultural activities to the public through a series of activities to meet the diverse cultural needs of the people, so that the development of cultural industry can truly benefit the people, serve the people and increase the sense of cultural gain and happiness of the citizens.

Today's press conference reporter learned that, according to the survey data of Beijing cultural and creative industries promotion center, the city has retreated 242 old factories, and the old factory buildings that have been transformed and occupied an area of 6 million 10 thousand square meters, which are 1 million 380 thousand square meters in transformation and transformation.

Up to now, Chaoyang District has 798, 751, Lai Jin, Lang yuan, Maolong, Hengtong, Huitong, Theron and so on 60 old factory buildings transformation and upgrading to transform into the cultural and creative industry characteristic Park, the reconstruction scale 2 million 996 thousand and 700 square meters.

Source: Zuo Ying, Beijing evening news reporter

Editor: TF003

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