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Beijing Chaoyang hundred "culture + project" debut Beijing fair show the new bright spot

2018-10-22 10:54 beijing evening news TF003

The country's first national cultural industry innovation in experimentation area, the first national plant protection and utilization of old city alliance culture development, the country's first service cloud big data, the paper Chuangyun Park, the first old workshop "theme of the post office"...... Chaoyang District, a series of cultural fusion and development of science and technology, finance, tourism, new formats, new products, new technologies, new platforms and more than 100 cultural creative theme activities will focus on the thirteenth Beijing fair debut. This is the reporter this morning from the thirteenth Beijing fair Chaoyang District news briefing learned.

According to reports, in recent years, the vigorous development of Chaoyang District cultural industry, 2018 years 1-6 months, above scale cultural enterprises to achieve revenue 171 billion 660 million yuan. At the end of July 2018, Chaoyang District reached 8.9 registered cultural enterprises, this new culture of 3349 enterprises, reflecting the new guest star tour live, letter 8 listed cultural enterprises, at present, Chaoyang District has 194 (including the three new board) listed cultural enterprises, brought together the honey of Hollywood, Hugo workshop, micro ticket etc. a group of "unicorn" enterprises, become the core area of the construction of the capital "national cultural center", guiding the innovation of the national cultural industry development.

It is understood that this year Chaoyang District to take "1+21" mode, to attend the thirteenth session of the Beijing fair series of exhibition activities, namely 1 +21 main exhibition venue. The main exhibition in China International Exhibition Center Hall 4, "Beijing Chaoyang -- experimentation area" national cultural industry innovation as the theme, "culture + industry integration, a new interactive experience featuring hundreds of" sophisticated "cultural industry, brand enterprises, brand activities will be wonderful debut, a comprehensive display of Chaoyang District culture and Industry characteristics highlights.

"This year, the development of new achievements in Chaoyang District highlight the fusion of culture and technology, finance, tourism, information industry, highlighting the traditional Chinese cultural heritage and innovation of international cultural exchanges, we 8.9 more than from the region's cultural and creative enterprises, carefully selected in the field of well-known cultural and creative enterprises to showcase new ideas, new products, new technology the new model, showcase and promote exchanges and cooperation, the construction of" service capital and cultural center of the country, the relevant person in charge told reporters in Chaoyang District cultural and creative industry development center. As the country's first old plant protection and utilization and city cultural development alliance will debut at the Beijing fair, carefully selected 50 old plant transformation transformation of the National Cultural Industry Park, a comprehensive display of China's old plant protection and utilization and city cultural development achievements

The reporter learned that, in addition to the main exhibition, 13 fair in Beijing during 21, a cultural and Creative Industrial Park in Chaoyang area (base) will be set up at the venue, orchestrated a hundred games theme of cultural and creative activities, many involved in the field of digital technology, fashion, creative heritage experience, culture and art, innovation technology, international cultural exchange, the content is rich and colorful cultural and creative activities for the public opening, the public can experience the nearest cultural Huimin feast.

Including: 2018 Chinese digital creative and Technology Expo focus digital technology Fu can tour integration "theme, will release the first 4D version of IP movie" Chaoyang "roaming the city" 2018 edition of digital creative new technology list "and other cultural products of science and technology; collection of" dragon scale "Yanjing eight absolutely" Heritage of traditional craft and African drumming culture art exotic second mollen culture art festival; the world's largest cement silo group in Beijing Theron international cultural and creative park will be held in the Russian Printmaking Exhibition, exhibition of Russian print, light "The Belt and Road cultural tour, these venues will provide a rich cultural feast for the public.

Chaoyang District official said: "I hope that with the Beijing fair of this national cultural creative industry exhibition, exchanges and cooperation in the construction of public service platform, service capital national cultural center. At the same time, also hope that through a series of venues, more rich and colorful cultural activities to provide content for the public to meet the diverse needs of people, culture, culture industry development achievements of the real benefit to the people, serve the people, increase people's culture and happiness".

Today, the conference site reporter learned that, according to the Beijing cultural and creative industries to promote research data center, the city's old building leases amounted to 242, has been transformed by the old factory covers an area of 6 million 10 thousand square meters, is the transformation of an area of 1 million 380 thousand square meters.

As of now, Chaoyang District has 798, 751, Lai Kam, Lang Park, mollen, Huitong, Theron, Hengtong 60 old plant transformation and upgrading of the cultural and creative industry park features, construction scale of 2 million 996 thousand and 700 square meters.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter Zuo Ying

Editor: TF003

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