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The new tax law to solicit public opinion, individual time standard adjustment for 183 days

2018-10-21 13:21 beijing evening news TF010

Yesterday, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation issued the "Regulations for the implementation of the People's Republic of China personal income tax law (Revised Draft)", and for the public comments.

In addition to the special additional deduction of the content, the new law will also be personal time criteria from one year to adjust for 183 days.

Compared to the old version, the new tax law will be personal time criteria from one year to adjust for 183 days, have no domicile in the territory of Chinese residents living in the territory, accumulated over 183 days of the year for less than five years, or five years but there is a single case of more than 30 days, the source of in Chinese from the outside, through to the competent tax authorities, not by the enterprises within the territory of China and other economic organizations or individuals to pay part of the payment of individual income tax.

To adapt to the implementation of the comprehensive classification and the combination of personal income tax system, tax increases when the taxpayer has income when you need to apply for settlement provisions, when a taxpayer in more than 2 or 2 to obtain the comprehensive income and comprehensive income, the amount of annual income minus the special deduction of balance of more than 6 million; or income of labor remuneration, royalties income, royalties in one or more income, comprehensive income and the amount of annual income minus the special deductions balance more than 6 million yuan; and the tax year is lower than the prepaid tax amount payable tax amount, should handle the settlement.

At the same time, combining the existing policy, clear personal exchange of non monetary assets and property for the donation, sponsorship, debt and investment purposes, subject to the provisions of the finance and tax departments of the State Council, shall be regarded as the transfer of property, the transferor under the "property transfer tax".

Note that, according to the provisions of the new tax law should be based on individual taxpayer identification number real name tax. For the first time in individual taxable income or for the first time to complete the formalities for tax declaration, shall truthfully provide the identification numbers of taxpayers and tax related information to the withholding agent or tax authorities. The change of individual information, it shall report the withholding agent or tax authorities.



Source: Beijing Evening News

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