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Beijing, North 6 days bursts of 3 car accident reporter visited found that these 2 problems

2018-10-20 13:09 beijing evening news TF011

"We come on the edge of the Laiguangying Road, 6 days, even a 3 traffic accident, so people worry!" Yesterday, recently this week to see his accident live in Chaoyang District Dongzhou home residents Lee told reporters about the. He worries that the area west of the North Laiguangying, every day a large number of trucks through, near the road traffic is very complex, often a traffic accident.


A large truck collided and cycling

This recent accident occurred yesterday morning about 8:30. Home in Dongzhou South Road, a muck car hit a pedestrian ride passing pedestrians, was under pressure in the car. According to witnesses, the pedestrian died on the spot, the scene is very tragic.

At noon yesterday, the reporter saw in the home district of Dongzhou, next to the district is a construction site. A nursing workers in the morning, he said, on site on duty, witnessed the whole process. According to him, the exact location of the accident in the area near the south gate, when muck car from a construction enclosure to bend suddenly opened up, may be due to the line of sight is blocked, so it collided with the cyclists. Too miserable! The rider half crushed under the wheels, when the face is pale."


3 traffic accidents occurred on the 6 day

If you want a label of the Laiguangying Road, "traffic accidents" can be regarded as one of the a. The car accident yesterday, this road is not the first time a serious accident. "I know, 6 days three." Mr. Li said, more than 4 points on the south side of the railway crossing, the afternoon of October 17th, at a distance of 1.5 kilometers outside the district south, a tanker collided with a cyclist. From witnesses to the shooting of the video you can see, the bike was at the wheel on the ground, splashing a large pool of red blood, the rider died on the spot.

There is a traffic accident occurred in October 13th 6 in the morning. A mixer in real milk Laiguangying road bus station north at the rollover occurred. According to eyewitnesses at the time, the tanker overturned on the roadside, down beside the car, fortunately, there is no pressure to pedestrians and other vehicles, the cause of the accident is not clear. Until yesterday, the reporter saw the north bus station, breast room can see the car glass fragments.

The three accident Mr. Li said, the number of witnesses confirmed.

Reason 1

20 minutes from 47 vehicles are trucks

Why Laiguangying road accident prone? Yesterday, reporters at the scene of field visits. This is a north-south road, a length of about 8.3 km, is located in the north of five road south. Reporters from the road south road to the north, this section of the road in the middle of the road within the rings, are equipped with the white fence, motor vehicle and non motorized traffic orderly. The rings, although the middle of the road there is no fence, but the road is still very spacious, full four lanes.

Go along the road northbound into about 100 meters, the road suddenly narrowed, and roadside parked vehicles, vehicles often have to here, the meeting had to slow down and walk through. In this way, there are many in the construction site, pulling muck trucks, cement tanker traffic, ordinary speed quickly. "After all is five, no limit large truck travel, so there are a lot of truck here." Nearby residents complained to reporters. In order to test a large truck density, reporters at the intersection of Dongzhou Simon home stay for 20 minutes, there are 47 trucks hit by this.

Reason 2

The road in the enclosure is easy to form a visual angle

The reporter saw, in order to construction safety, many sections are installed in the enclosure high. As a result, many turn out from the enclosure within the car carefully. "Afraid turn out, hit the car straight or people." Residents say, three accidents in two cases occurred in the enclosure surrounding, so they suggested that the relevant departments to take immediate measures, such as those in an enclosure at a few warning signs, drivers and cyclists pay attention to slow down. Some residents also suggested that the entire road marking if there is no limit, limit prompt, probability of occurrence may reduce traffic accidents.



Source: Beijing evening news reporter Li Huanyu Intern Qiu Chunwei text and photo

Editor: TF011

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