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Alibaba to invest 2 billion into 1919 strategic new retail wine industry

2018-10-20 09:30 beijing evening news TF011

Yesterday, the Alibaba announced the 1919 strategic investment of 2 billion yuan. This means that Tmall or will be in the wine industry launched a new retail layout.

Data figure Xinhua News Agency reporters Wang Dingchang photo

Alibaba said that the Alibaba investment after 1919 and Tmall, rookie, ant gold clothing, Ali Ali cloud digital economy sectors, will carry out in-depth cooperation in the new retail, supply chain, warehousing and distribution, finance, data resources and so on. Tmall big FMCG division general manager Hu Weixiong said, the Alibaba is promoting the new retail strategy, to promote the upgrading of business and digital data. Have a drink 1919 new retail model, completed the integration of online and offline business system, the cooperation between the two sides will reconstruct the line wine and drink consumer scene, provide a better experience for the user to purchase wine.

Drink wine industry online penetration rate of less than 5%, 1919 in the field of online and offline retail liquor have depth layout, current online business electricity supplier industry ranked the top three, 1919 drink APP annual sales of 2 billion yuan, with 19 minutes to speed up the delivery service. At the same time, 1919 in the country with 1200 straight Direct stores, is currently promoting the creation of warehouse stores next door.



Source: Beijing evening news reporter Yu Jian

Editor: TF011

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