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Tenth Tmall dual 11 start tonight: billion allowances of one billion red envelopes, the specific play here!

2018-10-19 20:07 beijing evening news TF003

Shopping cart how? Article 10 a Tmall double 11 has come. Just now, Tmall announced in 2018 11 officially launched. Beijing evening news reporter in the startup scene was informed that the platform will be issued 10 billion shopping allowance and red, common Carnival and global consumers. The ecological effects of online and offline interaction has become the 11 biggest bright spot, Tmall, Taobao, box horse, intime, hungry, word-of-mouth, fly, Youku *...... Alibaba will debut in Tmall ecological business double 11 full build.

Tomorrow take zero coupon.

This year 11, Tmall platform prepared more than 10 billion shopping allowance and red envelopes, launched a simple direct allowance, 11 double play, red envelopes with coupons can be superimposed.

Specifically, from zero tomorrow, Tmall category over 500 thousand items on sale, pay the deposit to get minus concessions. At the same time, in the mobile phone, mobile phone Taobao Tmall to enter the 11 main venue, will be able to receive coupons in advance to grab large shopping allowance.

Issued by Tmall unified shopping allowance "over 400 yuan per 50 yuan" rules, can cross shop, cross category, but also with the envelopes, coupons, coupons and other categories of parallel superposition. For example, consumers buy a 1000 yuan of goods, assuming full 1000 minus 200 merchant coupons, coupon category over 600 minus 100, allowance for every 400 minus 50, actually only need to pay 1000-200-100- (50 * 2) =600 yuan to hand.

In the double 11 this day, 88 super membership superposition 95% of the brand, from the original 88 to 388 home. 88VIP can also use 95 discount and allowance envelopes and other preferential overlay.

The selection of goods is more simple. Tmall will release the official list of the explosion in November 1st, click on the list in the name of the commodity, can be a key to jump to the purchase page.

Takeout and watching movies also participate in the Carnival

It is reported that the city of 180 thousand brands from around the world and across the line under the 20 vanguard brand stores, will participate in this year's Tmall double 11. All businesses offer double 11 special discounts or coupons to consumers. Not only online and offline shopping will usher in the carnival, takeout, eat at restaurants, movies, travel and so on, will participate in this shopping festival to.

This year Tmall double 11, Tmall international, Tmall overseas, aliexpress cross-border and overseas business platform, will be more than 200 overseas countries as "mail", covering the world every time. Rookie network will coordinate the whole industry more than 3 million staff, 11 of Tmall to jointly safeguard the smooth operation of double logistics.

The same is true of the payment system. Today, Alipay's pay per second peak can reach 256 thousand, can support billions of transactions all day long. The payment service also and more than 200 partners, more than 200 countries and regions of the merchants and users, to build a global payment ability.

"Today, the double 11 already is not only Tmall's holiday, more businesses and consumers around the world, China grand festival, is also a big parade of global business power, has become the commercial areas of the olympic." Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong said at the meeting.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter Yin Chengyue

Editor: TF003

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