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Silver CIRC even under regulation 6 copies of letters, involving related party transactions of the hype etc.

2018-10-19 14:25 beijing evening news TF010

China Insurance Regulatory Commission yesterday issued a silver on the 6 insurance firms regulatory letter, the limited rectification, which involves the related transactions, including "misleading" and product content and publicity inconsistent problems.

Among them, there are three insurance firms due to the business problems and be issued a regulatory letter: the problems existing in the identification of related transactions, audit, reporting, disclosure and other aspects of Hyder insurance. Post life due to overseas investment business in failing to fulfill their reporting obligations by the CIRC requires rectification of silver. Zhongcheng auto insurance exist beyond the approved scope of business operations, be strict regulatory requirements for the management of products in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations and supervision, clean up relevant illegal filing insurance products in a timely manner.

The rest of the regulatory letter three insurance firms and consumer complaints. According to the insurance regulatory letter shows that consumers in the complaints reflect the problems, the CIRC for silver "serious illness free treasure insurance products in the promotion of Alipay page content platform, the existence of" misleading "supervision, ordered the insurance company for the full investigation and rectification on the Internet insurance publicity, before the completion of the rectification shall not continue to sell the insurance products. Anxin insurance also has a similar problem, supervision verification found that its sales in the Jingdong financial platform "enjoy life cancer medical insurance products regulations, customer service consulting and insurance clause" reply propaganda inconsistent content. One hundred years of life insurance products are not in accordance with the provisions of the legal issue of disclosure.



Source: Beijing evening news Fu Yang

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