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Beijing golden Fair opened in November 1st: experts teach public fraud

2018-10-19 14:18 beijing evening news TF010

Artificial intelligence, virtual reality (VR), block chain technology is no longer on the concept of tall, and it has become a technology for the public service life, these applications will will finance of science and technology to the public display in Jin bo.

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In November 1st, 4 days of the fourteenth session of the Beijing International Finance Expo will be opened in Beijing exhibition hall. There are banks, funds, securities, insurance and other financial institutions in more than 100 gather together, show the financial risk prevention and control, the wisdom of financial services, inclusive financial innovation, financial industry the latest achievements.

It is reported that the gold Expo features in small and micro finance, finance, technology finance, regional financial Huimin Industrial Park, finance, intellectual property financing and other collective appearance. In addition, Liu Shijin, Wang Zhongmin, Li Yang, Wu Xiaoqiu, Ren Ze equality hundreds of financial industry elite representatives, experts and scholars will be at the event for the public investment faq.

A newspaper can exchange gold Expo tickets.

Experts teach public fraud

The gold Expo, prevent and defuse financial risks become the focus of financial institutions and the industry is most concerned about. According to the organizing committee, this exhibition of financial institutions will invariably own wind control technology are presented to the public. Big data cloud technology risk control, risk control, anti fraud system...... We can see that the institutions in terms of risk control to investment funds, manpower and technology, hold the bottom line risk consciousness has in-depth industry.

It is worth mentioning that the number of banks, insurance, securities and other agencies will be at the show for investors to teach financial skills, teaching cases of illegal fund-raising, conduct risk education for investors.

The new technology to achieve financial customization

Artificial intelligence, virtual reality (VR), block chain technology is no longer on the concept of tall, in the field of finance, finance and technology, combined with the depth of the Internet has become an inevitable choice for many financial institutions to promote innovation and people's livelihood. The gold Expo, the application of new technology has penetrated into the financial field of each capillary, from the bank was off to the operation, from products to services are also changed. For example, the traditional bank wealth management business to provide services to the financial manager, communication and high labor costs, low efficiency and coverage of guest group co.. And let the bank can realize the financial use of big data "mass customization".

Artificial intelligence into the financial field

The financial innovation of science and technology to give people a real convenience, but also reveals the vigorous development of the financial industry. The gold Expo, smart ATMs, future AI financing experience, automatic modeling, intelligent robot, super counter, wealth management bank, cloud bank, no "new technology" will be full debut. In addition, the new financial technology agency is the scene of "show muscles, show their strength in science and technology. Intelligent assessment of risk pricing from AI intelligent system, to brush face withdrawal". Intelligent robot can automatically from the bank lending, instant credit, insurance to the robot with various types of financial products, can be in the exhibition.



Source: Beijing evening news Fu Yang

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