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Beijing Chaoyang tianshuiyuan East Village residents own perennial garbage: not a sour sweep the courtyard

2018-10-19 13:39 beijing evening news TF001

Throw the garbage into the courtyard, is a kind of uncivilized behavior in high altitude parabolic, it is more subtle, more difficult to clean up, live in a layer of year-round residents endure dirty smelly, worry about security risks.

What is more painful is to take the garbage out of the courtyard, must go through a layer of the residents of the home kitchen, each to clean up a cockroach to flood a. This day, Chaoyang District tianshuiyuan East Building 17, unit 2, a layer of households and Ms. Ma Yin aunt has been 30 years, especially the past 4 years, it has become the most blocking the heart of the matter. When they are unable to clean the courtyard rubbish, what to do next?

A window separated is rubbish

Tianshuiyuan East Building 17 unit 2 floor, into the corridor, you can see on the wall, there is a floor of the iron shutters, behind the shutters is the unit of the courtyard. A ladder two, the left hand side lived a Ms. Ma, the right-hand side is over eighty years of Yin an aunt. Two bedroom structure is almost the same, the kitchen opens a small window, facing the courtyard, want to open the window to see what kind of courtyard is very difficult, because the two small windows are almost grease greasy live, took a big effort, the window to open a crack.

"This is the courtyard window ventilation." Ms. Ma said, because in the courtyard of too much garbage, the window once opened, flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches infested inside the house, so it had to shut the window so. Ms. Ma's consent, the reporter opened the window clean laborious, detonation windows cockroaches, mosquitoes, and the courtyard paved with a layer of garbage, the ground can not see. Nausea, is the most intuitive feeling. Garbage is the most fast food box, plastic bags, the joint is stale, sour leftovers, vomit and feces in this stinking pit are everywhere.

The two layer of the residents said, the day is the summer, through the window, the sour taste is lingering, clean up the garbage on their own, sometimes they also think impassability, why should the whole building "obligation" cleaner? Not but what can you do? Sick or himself.

According to the original design of a building, residents of the living room, there is a small window can go into a courtyard, because the cockroach flooding, the residents had no choice but to completely shut the window of the living room. Garbage removal, only from the kitchen through the kitchen window, below is the residents of the sink, no matter how dirty garbage, have to go out from home, especially from the dishwasher over again, such a situation, often thought all diaphragm.

"Who does not love clean!" Ms. Ma, whether on the corridor door iron shutters were improved, such as into a fan can open the door, at least after clean up garbage, do not have to go through the residents home.

A harmonious relationship between the two

"For so many years, we rely on our own two cleaning." Ms. Ma Yin and aunt home kitchen to the courtyard, each a trash clean-up, consumes a lot of energy. It is difficult to clean up the garbage, who, who from home, two people have never quarreled because of this thing, this kind of pain, 30 years, two people understand each other, mutual sharing.

"We have lived here for 1987 years." Yin aunt said, lived here for 30 years, in their minds, once the patio is not so, garbage although there are, but each year, the "51", "eleven" the clean up once, the last 4 years, the situation for a month without a sudden turn for the worse, cleaning, garbage will be able to catch up with the thickness of the past six months the amount of the.

Ms. Ma said she felt that in recent years and tenants increased, but the family also reminded her, don't mess with suspicion, bow to see the rise, the old Beijing people, always have a son in front. But when I really gas, Ms. Ma has also been in the courtyard cleaned out four bags of garbage piled in the corridor, to alert people to work is not parabolic. "Who threw the rubbish?" Yin aunt often shaking with anger, side to clean up the garbage in the courtyard, the other side facing the upstairs shouting, but no response.

Contact the reporter to ask the residential property solution, the property manager said that two residents have difficulties, in recent days, the property will help them to clean up a patio as soon as possible, but the clean-up, but also to the residents of the home out of garbage.

As for the residents mentioned iron shutters rectification corridor, the official said, is still unable to implement, because the corridor walls load-bearing walls, the property can not arbitrarily construction.

Related news: the old man in the garbage drop from the clouds.

More than 9 17 in the evening, Haidian District Chegongzhuang West Road No. 12 Building No. 1 hospital, 71 year old high old man his walk through here, the old man wears a peaked cap, he heard the sound of plastic bags on the head, no response from him, a big bag of garbage just hit on the head. The old man is frightened, sat on the ground, hand knock green. Fortunately, the bag is some lighter weight of garbage, the old man does not matter, but the sick but not to waste the weight.


The height of parabolic, patio how garbage tube, yet can not find the perfect rules. The "tort liability law" are described, namely: the use of high-altitude parabolic upstairs all possible implementation of parabolic behavior of buildings, need to assume joint responsibility. But the reporter to consult with a lawyer also learned that this provision is happening, the altitude parabolic cause damage to others, that is to say, really injured people. If not injured, so the heart of the environment dirty and disgusting, how to count?

It has been suggested that mounted on the camera to the patio. How can the effect is still unknown, can not be installed and procedures more complex problems. The patio garbage problem, and put the blame on the moral, not pay attention to the cultivation of the habit, the introduction of the policy, for the pilot, both rewards and punishments, may be the way out.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Jing Yiming text and photo

Editor: TF001

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