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Beijing City Federation of industry and Commerce issued the first private Jingdong, 100 Lenovo, the United States ranked in the top three

2018-10-19 10:46 Beijing daily TF0328

Today, Beijing City Federation of industry and Commerce issued the first "Beijing private enterprises hundred list. Jingdong, Lenovo, Gome, Taikang Insurance, millet ranked the top five. Among them, the Jingdong won the top revenue to 365 billion 300 million yuan.

City Federation of industry and Commerce said, "in the index design of Beijing top 100 private enterprises", in accordance with the standard of the top philanthropist, law-abiding business, social image, per capita tax, per capita output as the basic conditions of entry, the implementation of a veto.

Beijing hundred private enterprises research report, Beijing hundred private enterprises showing a good momentum of development.

One is the scale of the overall strength of the strong. In 2017, Beijing top 100 private enterprises operating income totaled 2 trillion and 170 billion yuan, the average revenue of 21 billion 680 million yuan, the threshold reached 2 billion 116 million yuan. Among them, there are 3 enterprises operating income more than 300 billion yuan, in the national top 500 private enterprises have entered the top ten. Beijing hundred private enterprises total assets amounted to 2 trillion and 870 billion yuan, the average assets of 28 billion 677 million yuan, there are 3 enterprises with total assets exceeded 250 billion yuan, in the national top 500 private enterprises have entered the top 20.

Two is a good overall operating conditions. In 2017, Beijing hundred private enterprises profit amounted to 84 billion 174 million yuan, the average net profit of 842 million yuan; a total profit of 60 billion 659 million yuan, the average net profit of 607 million yuan. The average profit rate is 3.88%, net sales 2.80%, asset net interest rate is 2.168, the rate of return on net assets was 10.12%.

The third is significantly optimize the industrial structure. In 2017, Beijing private enterprises hundred, third industry dominant position. From the number of enterprises, third industries accounted for 71%, second industries accounted for 28%, accounting for 1% of the first industry. From the scale of assets, third industries accounted for 77.6%, second industries accounted for 21.73%, accounting for 0.67% of the first industry. From the revenue scale, the tertiary industry accounted for more than

74.62%, secondary industry accounted for 24.52%, the first industry accounted for 0.86%. From the industry concentration, software and information technology services, wholesale and retail industry has become the most concentrated industry hundred enterprises.

The four is to highlight the effectiveness of social contribution. In 2017, Beijing tax hundred private enterprises amounted to 6 billion 551 million yuan, the average tax 656 million yuan, tax amount at 1 billion yuan more than 17 enterprises. The total number of employees 1 million 62 thousand and 900 people, the average number of employees 10 thousand and 600 people, including 106 thousand and 100 new jobs.

In addition, the "hundred private enterprises in Beijing science and technology innovation", "top 100 private enterprises in Beijing cultural industry" and "social responsibility of private enterprises in Beijing hundred list and related research report released.


Source: Beijing Daily reporter Dong Yuhan

Editor: TF0328

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