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Alibaba 2 billion strategic investment 1919 wine retail unicorn was born

2018-10-18 16:02 beijing evening news TF003

In October 18th 1919, announced that the strategic investment group Alibaba recently received 2 billion yuan, the Alibaba holding approximately 29%, 1919 become the second largest shareholder. After the completion of the C round of financing, valuation of 1919 amounted to 7 billion yuan, the new wine retail unicorn was born.

Yi Jiu Jiu liquor platform Polytron Technologies Inc, referred to as established in Chengdu for 19192006 years, is currently the largest domestic wine sales platform. Alibaba of 1919 attention long-standing, the strategic investment is more like a. This strategic investment, Tmall, retail, logistics, ant rookie gold clothing and other four business lines, as well as new retail Ali samples and 1919 Xiansheng box horse has launched a very fruitful cooperation.

Although the liquor market space is huge, but the electricity supplier permeability less than 5% in the retail market, scattered small obvious characteristics. The 1919 is the largest domestic electricity supplier liquor vertical field, 2017 years more than 5 billion of GMV, in the country more than 500 city layout 1200 direct straight shop, "the fastest 19 minutes served to create new wine retail logistics benchmarking.

Tmall big FMCG division president Hu Weixiong said, the Alibaba is promoting new retail, "five new" strategy to meet the challenges of the future, wine industry is trillion market, very suitable for new retail layout. 1919 have a leading wine new retail model, deep in the liquor circulation industry for many years, to complete the integration of online and offline business system, the Alibaba's investment will help expand the market share of 1919, online wine drink consumption scene reconstruction, provide a better experience for the user to purchase wine.

At present, 1919 has formed the electronic commerce, chain management, FMCG supply chain, city logistics, data marketing, information technology and other six business system, not only in the business and Alibaba are highly complementary in the strategic design and Ali has a high degree of fit of the.

1919 founder, chairman Yang Lingjiang said, the Alibaba's approval and support, let 1919 opened a new journey of a future. After joining the Ali ecosystem, 1919 lines of business will play a new potential, deep integration of online and offline, to create "wine service solutions and operation platform, in order to bring more rich" set wine + ordering experience. GMV is expected in 2018 8 billion yuan, open a new expansion plan for five years from 2019, and strive in 2023 to achieve GMV billion target.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter Yu Jian

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