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Trump insisted that the WTO operation can defend multilateral trade depends on China EU cooperation

2018-10-18 15:55 The observation of Changan TF011

Recently, the international social attention in Sino US relations. The argument that the protracted trade friction will occur in the United States or the occasion, the two sides in the competing for their support.

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In reality, Trump recently with traditional allies attitude has improved, and also recently reached agreement "and" Mexico (USMCA) buried the China for a "poison" clause in the agreement: any country with a "non market economy countries signed a trade agreement, the other two countries you can withdraw free within 6 months, and reached a bilateral trade agreement.

On the other side, the United States frequently claimed that the World Trade Organization in urgent need of reform, and actively courting Europe stand, but Europe does not seem to buy it, but also to pass Chinese eyes. For example, the European people's party caucus chairman Paul Lubig pointed out that the EU trade Steering Committee, together with the WTO to promote modernization, and encourage other like-minded members of the WTO to jointly safeguard multilateralism. At the same time, he warned that if a member is not restrained the blockade mentality, fear will lead to marginalization.

Some observers believe that, at least for now, the American game advantage in the Chinese party.

But as everyone knows, change the pattern of international politics, and also no lack of worry, similar to USMCA in terms of "poison" may be in the United States and Japan and South Korea, the European Union and other countries and regions to reach a trade agreement is copied, and this fear once true, will make China isolated in the world trading system.

In my opinion, Japan and South Korea to the United States dependence is strong, the possibility of being led by the nose is bigger, the key is to look at how to choose the eu. The end of last month, the Commission's official website issued a joint statement on behalf of the United States and Japan tripartite trade on economic and trade issues published during the UN General Assembly, on the "third country" non market oriented policies and practices have paid much attention. The EU Chinese is not complaining, involved in market access, enterprise competition, intellectual property protection, the content in forced us to reform.

However, the EU is obviously cannot do without the China. Many EU companies and politicians say that Europe and the United States free trade agreement impossible. Take the automobile industry, the need of production within the scope of the global division of labor. Today, Americans believe no competitiveness of his car, the United States did not engage in hardware processing personnel and atmosphere. On the contrary China in this area has become climate, bypassing the Chinese find another reliable "chain" is not a short duration of time can be completed.

As for the EU, as differences between Germany and France is a mainstay, to push the car to a protection of agricultural products. Through an example of this can be seen, the European Union and the United States views on trade issues will not be exactly the same, in promoting the global multilateral trading system reform, the European Union and China have many common positions.

The game now promoting the reform of WTO has entered a critical period, this "multilateral trade rules of war" will have a profound impact on the future development of Chinese decades of international environment.

The European Union is multilateralism, rules based international order defenders. China EU cooperation is key to avoid trade friction to the extension of the rules of world trade dispute. Therefore, in the face of Europe throws olive branch, China to catch". Next month, the EU will reform the first round of WTO negotiations. Although the EU rules, and the international order of multilateralism understanding is not the same, but Chinese stressed that it would respect the existing rules of WTO did not cover the field jointly sharing.

Of course, we should also see that the EU has its two sides, the short term can not get rid of the dependence on the United States become the strategy of independent power. The EU also expect the "Trump era" in the United States to change mind. Therefore, we should assess the situation and seize the opportunity for European cooperation more results, the formation of a demonstration.

(Department of Renmin University of China "the jean Monnet professorship" director of the European Research Center, Professor)


Source: Changan observation Author: Wang Yiwei

Editor: TF011

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