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Beijing West Pacific Community Garden Green exposed conditions improve 5000 strains of boxwood has resow

2018-10-18 13:43 beijing evening news TF008

September 25th, listen to the news column reported the Taiping Silesia community garden green withered death number box. The publication of the report, streets, communities, property has 5000 strains of replant replant boxwood, community greening rate of 70%, the residents reflect improved.

West Pacific Community resow Huang Yangshu

"The next spring to replant, but since the residents of the proposed requirements, we will try to meet." The property manager Su told reporters that in September 28th, the property organization cleaner removal of dry plants, second days nearly two trucks transporting waste, then covered with green bare ground of more than 220 square meters, prevent sand dust.

Resow naked before the green

October 1st golden week, the first day of the holiday, local streets and communities responsible person did not break, but came to the area to coordinate resow boxwood matters. "We contacted 3 species supply box manufacturers, choose suitable for planting trees in this season, the first comprehensive price, bought 3000 strains of boxwood shipped overnight to the community." Community Secretary Wu Ping said.

In October 3rd, a team of cleaning, security, gardening and street, community, property staff team early appeared in the garden district. They used one day to complete the 3000 strains of Euonymus japonicus replant replant and second more times in October 8th under 2000 strains of boxwood, so far replant rate reached 70%.

"These two days we will organize third resow, let the surface bare back garden." The responsible person also revealed the idea of next spring's properties, and some flowers and seeds in the garden, the introduction of more native plants, let the green revitalized alopecia areata.

Late autumn season, preparing for the cold winter insulation property plants are currently doing the program, in order to ensure the survival rate of the seed box. Now, the area of garden plants conservation by temporary cleaning company escrow, early next year will introduce more professional management team to green.


Source: Beijing Evening News reporter Qu Jingwei Zhang Qunchen text and photo

Editor: tf008

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