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Beijing Chaoyangmen street, the end of the month to achieve zero area first tackle the problem of people living illegally built

2018-10-18 13:56 beijing evening news TF008

Recently, the Dongcheng District alley, illegal construction within the district centralized demolition. According to the Chaoyangmen street urban management law enforcement team introduction, this month will achieve at the end of the alley zero illegally built.

Recently, Chaoyangmen street urban management law enforcement team of Lu Mi Cang Hutong a two-story stamped illegally built demolition. The owner stamped with a layer of houses in the cottage on the roof. Now stamped out of the two floor basically completed demolition, only some debris without treatment. Law enforcement team Liu Bin, such a stamped illegally built peripheral alley there are many, most of the construction of the original is to increase the living area. "This hutong is the cottage, as long as there are two layers is built." Wu Xue alley has been basically demolished illegally built on both sides of the road, now can still see traces of stamp.

Lu Mi Cang hutong is the demolition of illegally built

In the area of illegal construction, Liu Bin and colleagues are not simply a down. In the early Mopai visit. They found that the owners of illegally built is to solve the actual living difficulties, the houses also living for himself. There is a family for the children to go to school, and the third generation of squeezed in dozens or even more than a dozen square meters of housing, in order to meet people living needs, so we built illegal buildings.

In view of the above two kinds of circumstances, the streets of Chaoyangmen joint law enforcement team to solve the housing problems of the masses. For some families, will persuade children to rent out, creating a comfortable living environment for the elderly; for some relatively difficult family uniform reporting to apply for public rental.

At present, Chaoyangmen law enforcement team area has been the demolition of illegally built 83, the completion rate was 59%, the end of the month plan implementation within the jurisdiction of the target illegally cleared.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Qu Jingwei Zhang Qunchen text and photo

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