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Beijing September CPI rose 2.8% in some vegetable prices fell significantly

2018-10-18 13:49 Beijing daily TF0328

How residents are most concerned about the "food basket" price?

Eighteen On the morning of the National Bureau of Beijing Survey Corps released Nine This month, the consumer price index, which is CPI . Beijing CPI Rose 0.1% Rose; 2.8% , or more than Eight Months of decline Zero point one Percentage points. One to Nine On average, Beijing CPI Over the same period last year rose 2.5% .

Food prices rose mainly by the vegetables, fruit prices rise.

Beijing National Bureau of Investigation Corps relevant person in charge, from the chain, food prices rose 2.4% Rose, lower than last month Zero point three Percentage points. The typhoon, heavy rain and other adverse weather, cold areas of North Shandong, vegetables in advance delisting, Henan and other areas in the supply of vegetables will be postponed, and the normal connection of the market supply of vegetable in summer and autumn was slightly influenced, Nine Fresh vegetable prices rose month 7.8% Effect. CPI Rise Zero point one five Percentage points. Affected by seasonal factors, Nine Fresh fruit prices rose month 7.9% Effect. CPI Rise Zero point one four Percentage points. The Mid Autumn Festival, national day rising meat demand, pork and egg rose 5.8% and 3.3% The impact. CPI Rise Zero point zero seven Percentage points.

Last month, Beijing vegetable supply is relatively tight, many residents also feel part of rising prices of vegetables. From the Beijing new market data, the average price of high vegetable wholesale, but the overall performance is steady fall. The good news is that the tight supply of vegetables in the beginning can be improved significantly from last week, the previous price was higher vegetables will be the beginning of a large number of listed, some vegetable prices fell significantly.

The first to talk about the recent rally in torrents of tomatoes.

In October 5th, the new market tomato wholesale price is 1.5-4.7 yuan / kg, while the same period last year is 0.6-1.8 yuan / kg, a year-on-year increase of 158.33%.

Why would appear obvious rise? The new statistics department director Liu Tong, Shandong Weifang area of tomato is generally in the year In late September the beginning of the listing, the formation conditions of mass market in October. But the two typhoon in August this year, in Weifang Shouguang, Qingzhou and other places have been destroyed by floods, many greenhouses, some are in the growth stage of tomato spared. At present, the local tomato is after the flood to replant, to postpone the listing period from 20 days to 1 months.

According to reports, now on the market tomatoes mainly from Inner Mongolia, Chifeng, Anshan and a few from Liaoning, has not formed the mass market conditions. There are a few emerging market businesses planted dozens of acres of tomatoes in Shanxi Yanggao, has just opened, the yield is not much. So the supply of short-term tomatoes in a certain degree of lean.

However, the reporter saw a query, 18 new market tomatoes wholesale prices have dropped to 1-3.8 yuan / kg, the decline is quite obvious. With batch multi origin tomatoes listing, expected prices will continue downward, you can rest assured to buy buy buy.

From the beginning of last week, celery prices began to fall. Liu Tong said that once the origin of the follow-up celery large market, celery prices may be close to last year's price level.

In September, non food prices fell 0.4%.

After the summer vacation travel demand declined slightly, In September the tourism and hotel accommodation prices were down 2.3% and 4.1% reduction in speed; impact fee policy, communication services prices continue to decline, a decline of 3.1% in September. The impact of international crude oil prices, transport 2.2% and 3.3% respectively with the rising fuel and air ticket prices.


Source: China Daily reporter   Chenxuening

Editor: TF0328

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