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Beijing Chaoyang Tuanjiehu Street jointly cohabitation station wall turned "city living garbage transfer"

2018-10-18 11:42 Beijing daily TF0328

"Lead", "Street Department, people return" advice, professional team of design and implementation...... This morning, the reporter saw in the Chaoyang District Lake stone sub community unity, with the main colors of green, wall decoration painting through the transformation of the tire has begun to take shape, shueiduei son garbage transfer station 650 square meters of the wall was build in the community of "city living room", the space station before nobody cares garbage become a good place to fitness entertainment.

According to reports, the Tuanjiehu area is the old district, residential buildings are mostly built in the seven century, in 80s, before the building body color is monotonous, there are still cases of damaged. In Beijiexiaoxiang comprehensive remediation, closure of "open hole wall", after the demolition of illegally built, beginning in September of this year, residents of Tuanjiehu Street Working Committee, office and the area together, starting from the monotonous wall on both sides of the street, on the street and lane environment for a fine promotion.

Speaking of renovation of the exterior promotion, home unity Hunan Road shueiduei sub garbage transfer station nearby residents have the right to speak. "We live here, the garbage transfer station appearance originally dark, even very tidy, everyone is aware of the walk around, although there is an open space, but we can not choose the basic fitness in this walk." Residents Aunt Liu told reporters.

In order to solve this problem, let this "make only superficial changes", Tuanjiehu Street co-ordination, in complete shueiduei sub garbage station wall landscaping project planning, by the Chaoyang District Management Committee to help coordinate the rectification time, and put forward a series of suggestions. In the choice of location, pattern making, style positioning, schedule each link also have the masses involved, put forward opinions. Based on this, the street also introduced the "brain", by professional Chaoyang young Hui art dream team carried out the actual operation.

Now, this a "green environmental protection, garbage classification" for the design of the main line, the main green tire and transformation of decorative colors, 100 meters, a total area of 650 square meters of the station walls, the seat placed in the corresponding collocation of street color leisure, in after the transformation has become to the community's "city living room". Every evening, before the station became empty garbage No one shows any interest in a good place all fitness and entertainment.

"Our design ideas, combined with various colleges and universities designers for green environmental protection, garbage classification as the theme, with green color and other color to fight on, garbage station was reformed by city design, the epitome of that, some people feel comfortable fast paced city atmosphere in the sense of belonging through the transformation of the tire wall decoration, add some vitality to the single wall, let its vigor and vitality. At the same time with the "living room" that leaves the wall, the rest benches provide recreational open spaces for the residents of the street, a livable city living room." Chaoyang young Hui art dream team responsible person said.

Chaoyang District Tuanjiehu Street official told reporters that in addition to this, Tuanjiehu street is also the transformation of Tuanjiehu primary school, Tuanjiehu Road on the north side of the wall wall, Kumho park on the eastern side wall, combined with the surrounding the design characteristics of the corresponding pattern, with regional characteristics. In addition, East sanhuan East Tuanjiehu Road North, Chaoyang sanitation wall, wall renovation work of Party school education in several eastern side walls of the wall is also in progress, the transformation is expected to be completed before the end of the year, let the community people "home" and "home" happy.

The reporter learned that, in addition to the streets to co-ordinate Beijiexiaoxiang environmental fine promotion, Tuanjiehu Road North Community Residents spontaneous action, using the wisdom of life transformation around the living environment. In the past the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, led by the community grass-roots party organizations and Party members and volunteers, community residents to participate in, everyone holding a brush, paint, the carrier cell wall, retaining wall as a flower of creation, according to previously set pattern, carefully draw up. Some children are also involved, seriously even more than around uncle aunt. Through our efforts, the community has fundamentally changed, the monotony of the wall turned "zoo" botanical garden ", has become a new landscape of community"".

"In the past, around the community wall no one will go to care about, no beauty at all, just to protect the safety of the building." Participate in the creation of the wall painting Road North Community Party member Liu Ayi told reporters, "through the participation of everyone, the wall became art community, great change, No. 20 Tuanjiehu Road, North Road in front of the building a No. 9 building has become the network of red spots, young children a lot of ways will use a few mobile phone self timer."

"The transformation of our culture wall by grassroots party organizations and Party members to launch the completion of the common people, the transformation effect is obvious, the residents of this very satisfied. We use "to discuss the mechanisms of governance," the use of grassroots party organizations, Party members and the masses of the three forces. By the grass-roots party organizations, Party members first determine the location, determine the design content, solicit opinions, and then the three party to complete the beautification work. I hope to be able to let the residents living environment more beautiful, feel more comfortable." Deputy Secretary of the North Tuanjiehu Road Street Community told reporters.


Source: Beijing Daily reporter Zuo Ying

Editor: TF0328

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