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Wake up, wake up immediately after the morning mist when the window of these five things can't do

2018-10-18 09:33 beijing evening news TF011

A day in the morning. The morning work affects the life and health of the state all day. However, when waking from sleep, wake up, eat, exercise, start the day, may make a mistake in imperceptibly.

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Xiaobian for you to sort out five things do not wake up, all about your health every thing!

A bogey: wake up wake up immediately after

During sleep, the human body system in a semi dormant state, after waking up, the system function recovery requires a process. What if the organs uncomfortable or joint pain, then it will appear. So, wake up and don't get up, especially the elderly, to lie in bed for a while, then slowly sat up, this can avoid the heart, joints and other parts of the discomfort.

Avoid: when the window, morning mist

As the saying goes "winter smog killing knife", the autumn and winter cold and dry air, to go through the "lungs" of the gas exchange station into the body. This is not to be protected, not only will the cough induced by some respiratory diseases, but also very easy to down the root cause, lead to recurrence of next year.

The mist persistent, will increase the burden of older cycle system, may induce angina, myocardial infarction, heart failure, chronic bronchitis appeared pulmonary heart disease etc.. Haze, floating in the air with dust, dust, dust mites may also be suspended in the fog, in patients with bronchial asthma inhalation of the allergen, will stimulate the respiratory tract, cough, asthma and other symptoms.

But after sunrise, after the fog, and then go out the window.

Bogey: get up to drink boiling water

To get up early to drink cold water will make the gastrointestinal mucosa suddenly cold, so that the original open capillary contraction, cause gastrointestinal discomfort or diarrhea. Slowly, sip a cup of boiling water temperature suggest that you wake up, the stomach is not good, relatively can drink.

The morning fasting drink a cup of warm water for health benefits, water, dilute thick blood, clean the digestive tract, activation of cells in the gastrointestinal tract, let the body from the inside of the wake.

Four: get up smoking

The old smokers, smoking is often the biggest morning when people got up to smoke. However, the morning smoking smokers, lung cancer is easier than getting up after 1 hours of smoking smokers.

Researchers at Penn State University School of medicine in the United States, respectively on the lung and head and neck cancer patients every day to smoke the first cigarette of the time, found that people who smoke to wake up 30~60 minutes, the chances of lung cancer is 1 hours after smoking 1.31 times, and wake up people who smoke (within 30 minutes) is 1.79 times.

Get up immediately after smoking people will eat more nicotine and carcinogens, also increased the risk of lung cancer.

Five note: do not eat breakfast

Research shows that people often do not eat breakfast or heart attack due to the risk of coronary heart disease deaths to 27%. In addition, often do not eat breakfast are more likely to suffer from diabetes, gastritis, gallstones, brain atrophy and obesity.

Good morning regimen of these 5 things

1, get up after the first physical activity

Wake up in bed first in no hurry to immediately get up, but the first stretch limbs, let the heart slowly accelerate, then slowly get up. The elderly should be in bed to repeatedly massage fist, Laogong, stretched toes, to promote blood circulation by stimulation of the extremities.

2, defecation

First thing in the morning is the toilet, not defecation, urination too quickly, and the more urgent need to slow down. This is because the bladder emptying quickly, easily induced hypotension, the brain caused by transient ischemia, cause micturition syncope.

3, wash

After getting up after emptying of toxic waste, you can turn to wash a face with cold water, so as to promote the blood circulation of the head, make people refreshed. Gargle can remove oral bacteria, to prepare food behind.

4 morning, remember to drink a cup of water

The morning's first cup of water is very beneficial to the body, after the early blood concentration is relatively high, the first cup of water can dilute the blood viscosity, effective prevention of cardiovascular disease, stroke and other diseases.

5, eat breakfast

"Eat early, eat lunch, dinner to eat less". Breakfast for a day of work to lay the foundation of nutrition. Breakfast is the best choose protein rich foods such as egg, milk, nuts, cereal, fruit, but don't eat too much porridge, steamed buns, noodles, Deep-Fried Dough Sticks, these contain carbohydrates, blood sugar easily soared.



Source: Daily worker health times

Editor: TF011

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