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Beijing botanical garden for the elderly tourists to send "blessing" send "Shou" flowers can also see in the clinic

2018-10-17 15:04 beijing evening news TF011

The Double Ninth Festival, double to longevity. Today morning, the Beijing botanical garden for the elderly tourists to send "blessing" send "". A word, a small Fu Fu rope, a happy holiday, health greetings, warm the hearts of tourists. Many tourists said: "this activity is done very well, and happy and auspicious".

In addition to the longevity of the word outside the Beijing botanical garden also held a number of services for the aged tourists today. In the science museum on the eastern side, a number of medical institutions today specially for old friends to carry out activities. Professional doctor, let old friends have a deep understanding of their own physical condition.

In the bonsai garden, today held a special Chongyang special plant workshop activities. Plant expert led the elderly tourists together with the production of succulent plants bonsai. The old people in the activity and learning the knowledge maintenance of succulent plants, edify sentiment.

At the same time, during the Double Ninth Festival coincided with the Beijing city garden plant flower, 200 thousand flowers will be dressed as a botanical garden of flowers. The science museum on the west side of the chrysanthemum flower field on the north side of the sea, the greenhouse chrysanthemum promenade is the best place to tourists for chrysanthemum. Many old people on the occasion of this tour to the double ninth festival flowers, flowers festival.



Source: Beijing evening news reporter Zuo Ying

Editor: TF011

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