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Apple confirmed that part of the user AppleID 360 security expert weapon against theft

2018-10-17 14:40 beijing evening news TF003

For the recent apple Apple ID to users of mobile payment account is stolen, stolen brush case, October 16th Apple Corp issued a statement saying, confirmed that a small number of users account encounter phishing fraud is not open in the dual authentication case, at the same time found by false and fraudulent refund to profit increase. In this regard, today (October 17th) 360 mobile security experts remind Apple users to pay attention to the preservation of Apple ID account and password, recommended by the following method to protect mobile payment security.

First, open the two step verification

The two step is to verify the new equipment login to your Apple ID, not only to enter the correct password, all trusted devices will receive a login to remind you. Then click login is allowed, new equipment will be asked to enter the verification code on the device display signal.

Apple's official introduction, set up two step verification, you need to register one or more trusted device, receiving four verification code via SMS or find my iPhone. In addition, you also need to provide a support SMS phone number. The scope of the two step verification include: login page to manage Apple ID, login iCloud or using new equipment in iTunes, Apple Books or App Store to purchase items when they are required to enter a password and 4 verification code to verify your identity.

Two, open the double certification

The two step in the verification of the key is trusted device receives the four verification code, if you think four digit verification code is not safe enough, Apple also provides a higher security protection: dual authentication. Dual authentication verification code number reached six, but also by the location information will pop up login device letter on the device. By logging on the location of the device, can also pre judgment is not Daohao people log in.

Three, set up special App password

Open the two step verification in addition to enhance the safety, also brought an additional function: App special password. App special password allows you not to expose the true Apple ID code in different devices use the same iCloud account. Through the special password system in automatic production, even when entry iMessage do not have to enter the actual Apple ID password.

Four, regularly through the desktop version of iTunes backup iPhone

The regular full backup data in the iPhone to the computer, such as photos, documents, it is difficult to restore the WeChat chat records and other data, so you can avoid the Apple ID after the theft of mobile phone data synchronization to iCloud is also facing the risk of theft.

Five, in addition to opening these security measures provided by the official apple, also recommended that users reduce free secret payments limit. So even if the Apple ID stolen will have a trading limit. If you worry about your own payment account will be abnormal, can also choose to temporarily shut down the Apple ID related free secret payments / automatic debit items.

In addition, according to the personal password security, 360 mobile security experts recommend users:

First, to develop a good habit to write passwords, size + numbers + symbols, more than 12 password, mobile phone number do not use words birthday;

Two, change your password regularly, password classification management, a separate set of important account password.

Three, after this incident, the focus is to see if there are other sites, financial or banking application, use the same password if they immediately modify.

Apple Corp said in a statement stressed that many measures have been taken to protect users and prevent fraudulent transactions, has a considerable number of. For example, in the recent changes in the account after the purchase request through the review, rejected the high risk of order. 360 mobile security experts remind users to use mobile phone, found abnormal shall timely communicate with manufacturers, to avoid greater losses suffered by the.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter Meng ring

Editor: TF003

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