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Rush to the rescue of A shares! Haidian will raise billions of funds to support private listed companies

2018-10-17 10:17 Beijing daily client TF003

In October 16th, the Commission's official website news release, deputy director of the Beijing Securities Regulatory Bureau Secretary Wang Jianping, Lu Qian led the company, two companies and relevant personnel to Haidian District government general office visits. Haidian party secretary Yu Jun, mayor Dai Binbin and Haidian SASAC, finance office and other relevant comrades attended the meeting, the two sides around Haidian District to resolve the listed / listed companies risk, optimize the environment, service enterprises to communicate. Discussion of both the time in the 9 month 26 day before the national day.

At the meeting, the Beijing securities regulatory bureau introduced faced at the present stage of the listed companies in Haidian District stock market risk, liquidity risk, large shareholders to pledge default risk and IPO/ listing of slow pace etc.. Wang Jianping said, according to the national strategy and the actual situation of Beijing City, the Beijing securities regulatory bureau will continue to pay close attention to science and technology development companies. To grasp the relationship between innovation development and risk control, to ensure the sustainable development of enterprises, enhance the company's innovation capacity and competitiveness. To strengthen the daily communication and information sharing, and Haidian District to establish a sound corporate communication channels, and help to increase support for the high-tech enterprises and efforts to form a joint force to promote enterprise high quality development.

Haidian District introduced the district government in accordance with "market oriented, adhere to the principle of one policy requirement, provide support for helping key enterprises encounter difficulties. Specific measures include helping Haidian District stock pledge higher risk of listed companies to reduce the risk; to guide banks and other financial institutions in the private listed companies difficult period to give more substantial financing support; and initiated the establishment of the Dongxing stock assets belonged to support quality of science and technology enterprise development fund, the fund size of 10 billion yuan, down 2 billion yuan has been completed by raising the transferee does not exceed the total share capital of the listed company 10% stake in listed companies, to help private technology to resolve the stock pledge risk etc..

In fact, as early as April 23 7, SJ environmental protection listed companies on the announcement that the government of Haidian District by the Standing Committee of the Haidian science and technology, 2% shares held by shareholders of Haidian science and technology venture Beijing Jinzhongzi Valley technology incubator center, free of charge transferred to the Haidian District state owned assets Investment Management Co., ltd.. After the transfer, Haidian Investment Holdings Haidian science and technology 51% stake, becoming its controlling shareholder. At the same time, Haidian District SASAC has become the actual controller environmental trimer.

Haidian was not the first to help the local government listed companies.

According to reports, in October 13th the Shenzhen municipal SASAC has arranged tens of billions of funds, plans from the two aspects of debt and equity, the construction risk of Masonic system. At present, Shenzhen "risk aid funds already in place, the government funded in part or tens of billions, and the first batch to rush to the rescue of more than 20 enterprises, reduce Shenzhen listed A shares of stock pledge risk, improve the liquidity of listed companies. This news, A shares market in a weak situation, on the Shenzhen 10 more than just local stocks have staged tide limit.

In the news, the Shenzhen SASAC has actually generous shares of listed companies. Since July, a total of infinova, CLOU electronics, eternal Asia, Monternet group, Ying Tang ites of the 5 listed companies and the Shenzhen SASAC signed the equity transfer agreement.

The listed company equity pledge, debt default are frequent, local state-owned equity joint disc private enterprises are accelerating the pace of nature is conducive to resolve the liquidity risk of listed companies, but also caused some of the country back into fear.

In this regard, held in October 15th the central enterprises before the three quarter economic operation press conference, SASAC deputy secretary general, said spokesman Peng Huagang, the media reflect the "hunters" of the acquisition of private capital of listed companies, it is only in the current environment of state-owned enterprises and private enterprises of a normal market behavior, is a the market choice of state-owned and private enterprises of mutual benefit, there is no retreat into who problem, but does not involve ideology.

Source: Beijing Daily reporter Sun Jie client

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