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"Financial ecology report" 2018 cultural enterprises for the first time released in Beijing

2018-10-16 15:58 beijing evening news TF003

The cultural industry of private equity financing market to remain active in the country, Beijing cultural enterprises financing 372...... Today, the Ten Session of the Chinese Beijing Cultural Creative Industry Investment Forum held in beijing. Hundreds of professionals from the financial industry, education industry, cultural industry, gathered on the integration and development of cultural industry and financial markets.

As one of the highlights of the tenth session of the China financing forum of Beijing cultural and creative industries, "financial ecological report" 2018 cultural enterprises released for the first time in this forum. The report shows, the total amount of capital in 2017 the capital market financing channels into the mainstream of China's cultural industry is 524 billion 852 million yuan, representing an increase of 11.25% in 2016, still maintained a high growth rate. In 2017 the national cultural industry private equity financing market is active, involved in the industry reached 52; the financing case number reached 991, an increase of 4.65% compared to 2016; but the overall financing scale down, only 110 billion 114 million yuan, down 4.47% compared to last year, growth slowed. In addition, January 2018 - June Beijing cultural enterprises in total inflow of funds 27 billion 688 million yuan, the total financing event occurred in 372, accounting for the proportion of 17.16%. The report also released the ten keywords of culture in 2018 of the financial market, and the ten major trends of 2019.

In the roundtable dialogue session of the forum, focusing on issues of "cultural financial predicament and breaking" and "national cultural center construction industry brought new opportunities are nowadays the most popular topic. In the roadshow link project, Hangzhou Beijing branch of the Bank of Beijing as the first pilot culture bank released two specialized services in the capital region culture industry -- "Park Station", "education train". Hangzhou bank Beijing branch said, the future, hope that through continuous innovation, with more and more cultural subject, including parks, education, traditional culture, film, animation, music, games, connect and build various types of new species are the era of consumer upgrades.

Deputy Secretary General of Beijing municipal Party committee, municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department Vice Minister Yu Junsheng, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Cultural Bureau Guan Yu, Beijing daily, Party members, vice president Qiu Chengjun also attended the forum.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter Sun Wenwen

Editor: TF003

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