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"2018 cultural enterprise financial ecology report" was released in Beijing for the first time

2018-10-16 15:58. beijing evening news TF003

The private equity financing market of the national cultural industry is still active, and 372 Beijing cultural enterprises have been financing. Today, the Tenth China Beijing cultural and creative industry investment and financing forum was held in Beijing. Hundreds of industry elites from cultural industry, education industry and financial industry gathered together to talk about the integration and development of cultural industry and financial market.

As one of the highlights of the Tenth China Beijing cultural and creative industries investment and financing forum, the "2018 culture enterprise financial ecology report" was released for the first time in this forum. The report shows that the total amount of capital flowing into the cultural industry of our capital market in 2017 was 524 billion 852 million yuan, an increase of 11.25% over the same period in 2016, and still maintained a relatively high growth rate. In 2017, the private equity financing market of the national cultural industry was active, involving 52 industries. The number of financing cases increased to 991, an increase of 4.65% compared with 2016. However, the overall financing scale has dropped, which is only 110 billion 114 million yuan, representing a 4.47% decrease compared with the same period last year, and the growth rate has slowed down. In addition, from January 2018 to June, the total amount of capital flowing into Beijing's cultural enterprises was 27 billion 688 million yuan, which accounted for 372 of the total financing events, accounting for 17.16% of the total. The report also released the ten key words of the cultural and financial market in 2018, and predicted the ten major trends in 2019.

In the round table dialogue session of the forum, the topic focuses on the two most concerned topics of "the dilemma and break of cultural finance" and "the new industrial opportunity brought by the construction of national cultural center". In the part of the project roadshow, Hangzhou bank Beijing branch, as the first batch of cultural banks in Beijing, has released two products that specializes in the cultural industry in the capital area, namely, "one station through the park" and "education through train". Hangzhou bank Beijing branch said that in the future, through continuous innovation, it hopes to establish a wide range of connections with more cultural subjects, including parks, education, traditional culture, film and television, animation, music, games, and various new species in the era of consumption upgrading.

Yu Junsheng, Deputy Secretary General of the Beijing municipal Party committee, Vice Minister of Propaganda Department of the municipal Party committee, Guan Yu, deputy director of Beijing Cultural Bureau, Guan Yu, member of the Party group of Qiu Chengjun daily and vice president Qiu Chengjun attended the forum.

Source: Sun Wenwen, Beijing evening news reporter

Editor: TF003

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