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Shenzhen local government collective stock trading tens of billions of listed companies rush to the rescue

2018-10-15 19:24 Beijing daily TF0328

That confidence is more important than gold. Over the weekend, the policy level gradually released a few strokes to boost market confidence. The market chill, regulators stand up to the market up, investors are looking forward to pick up the message.

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15 morning, the stock index to 2605.91 points by the opening, deep that gem refers to the almost flat opening. After the opening of stock index decline was increased, the fall of 2600 points.

Compared with the overall weak market, Shenzhen local shares many collective stock trading, such as CLOU electronics, new shares, Tongyi Moso, herniamesh group, Ying Tang ites, with Xingda and other more than 10 stocks collective limit opening. News on the surface, the Shenzhen municipal government has arranged for tens of billions of funds of listed companies rush to the rescue.

Commission: the regulation with steady confidence, boost the combination of confidence

The national day of the week, the global capital market shocks, A shares fell, stock index fell from 2768 points to 2606, a week down to 7.6%, not only below the "fuse", even the 2600 point mark is barely hold. The mood of investors have suffered a serious setback.

14, the Commission's official website announced that the chairman of the Commission Liu Shiyu to CITIC Securities Company Beijing Dongzhimen South Street business department research, held a forum to listen to the investors, investors stable development suggestions on capital market reform.

Liu Shiyu said what? He said that the stock market Chinese millions of small investors, this is Chinese characteristics. The Commission will always bear the protection of investors especially small investors legitimate rights and interests of the mission. The Commission will be strictly according to a comprehensive regulatory measures with steady confidence, boost the combination of confidence. Firmly adhere to the "two unswervingly", strengthen the innovation of systems and tools from other aspects, effectively support the development of private enterprises.

The market downturn, the Commission held a president with investors face-to-face forum, the intention of nature cannot do without the words: "steady confidence, boost confidence."

The IPO trial will be this week will be suspended

It is worth noting that on Friday, the Commission also announced that, in order to improve the ability of capital markets services in the real economy, in accordance with the established work plan, the Commission intends to organize the members of the SIEVC will actively support the refinancing of listed companies to carry out research related matters, no IPO trial will be arranged.

The IPO trial will be suspended this week, although not directly understand the IPO stopped, after all, can make the IPO rate temporarily down to a fragile market breath.

Listed companies to raise matching funds can be used to supplement liquidity

In October 12th, the Commission on issues related to the listed companies to issue shares to buy assets and raise matching funds and answers published "(2018 Revision)", to some common problems in merger and reorganization are discussed in detail.

This is one of the most heavy content is: considering the matching funds raised, raised funds can be used to pay for the transaction in cash on the price, the payment of the transaction tax, personnel placement fees and other acquisition integration costs and the underlying asset investment in the construction of the project construction, and can also be used to supplement the listed company the underlying asset liquidity and debt repayment.

Specifically, to raise matching funds to supplement the company's liquidity and debt ratio should not exceed the trading price of the 25%, or the total funds raised supporting of no more than 50%. Although the proportion is still a limit, but allow supporting financing to supplement working capital and repay debt, does play a certain role of deregulation.

The central bank has enough monetary policy tools can be used

Not only is the Commission, the central bank, silver CIRC, local government through a variety of initiatives to reduce risks.

The central bank governor Yi Gang said on Sunday that the current monetary policy remains prudent neutral, neither relaxed nor tighten. Monetary policy toolbox has sufficient policy tools.

In the economic fundamentals, the current Chinese stable economic growth, is expected to achieve 6.5% goal this year, may also be slightly higher. The price level in the benign interval, at present CPI is 2%, PPI is 4%, slightly higher than the expected annual CPI 2%, PPI 3-4%. The increase in corporate profits, taxes and wage income is at a good level. Domestic consumption has become the main driving force of growth. From the international balance of payments, foreign earnings continued to narrow. The current account surplus Chinese long, reaching a peak in 2007, accounting for 10% of GDP, then decreased year by year. The first half of this year, the current account deficit, the annual earnings may be slightly less than expected, GDP 1%. This shows that China economic growth has mainly driven by domestic demand, consumption and service industry has become the main driving factors, external surplus shrinking.

It is worth mentioning that the National Day holiday on the last day, the central bank announced that from 10 month 15 day, the lower the deposit reserve ratio of 1 percentage points. The market is expected to bring 750 billion yuan of new money.

The central bank RRR has officially landed, the released liquidity, how many will enter the stock market?

To encourage venture capital market to solve the liquidity risk of stock pledge

Insurance funds to enter the stock market, appeared signs of loosening.

In October 13th, 50 people Chinese wealth management forum, silver director of the CIRC insurance funds operation Department Ren Chunsheng said, encourage insurance institutions with financial and strategic investment investment in high-quality listed companies and private listed companies, in a more flexible way to participate more actively in solving the listed company stock collateral liquidity risk. The insurance funds into the market, a few years ago was crazy, now once again be encouraged, will undoubtedly increase market liquidity.

The government of Shenzhen to rush to the rescue of tens of billions of listed companies

The news that Shenzhen municipal government has recently introduced a number of measures to promote the healthy and stable development of the listed company, has arranged for hundreds of billions of dollars of funds from the two aspects of debt and equity, construction risk in the mechanism of Shenzhen A shares of listed companies, reduce the stock pledge risk, improve the liquidity of listed companies.

Shenzhen has been set up by the principal leaders of the municipal government as the leader, a special working group composed of economic and Trade Committee, the finance committee, the SASAC, the finance office and other 10 departments, responsible for coordinating resolve the stock controlling shareholders of listed companies pledge risk issues. To improve the liquidity of listed companies "risk capital aid" now in place, the first batch of more than 20 won the "rescue" enterprise has been finalized.


Source: Beijing Daily reporter Sun Jie

Editor: TF0328

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