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"No." the financial industry huaruan technology released "Jane cloud ecological strategy

2018-10-15 17:58 beijing evening news TF003

The entity industry and finance are produced by new technologies and new value combination of burst. As a financial innovation in the field of science and technology, science and Technology Institute recently released "focus on financial technology, build a simple cloud ecosystem strategy, launched the" Jane, Jane, Jane's financial chain, Jane, pay the code "five big platform, through technological innovation, bring new scenes and new business models and new production capacity enterprise innovation of banks and high growth, upgrading of financial services experience.

At present, the financial industry is facing channels for customers, single business model curing, product design quality, the wind control system behind many other challenges, it is difficult to meet the users diversified, personalized, scene of service demand. In the industry, the variety and complexity of the industry in the financial field, financial institutions need to rely on new technologies, to provide consistent scenarios and requirements and convenient financial services for the upstream and downstream industry chain enterprises of all types. For enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, the problem of restricting crack financing difficulties financing development, also requires the use of the financial means of science and technology, implementation process and data sharing, and overall connection with financial institutions.

According to the common needs of financial institutions and enterprises, the technology layout of industrial finance service, the use of a new generation of technology and open architecture, and aggregation of financial enterprises in two vertical industries, build financial technology "in cloud ecosystem, service innovation bank, help high growth enterprises, bring the minimalist service experience for meet the industry users, banks and enterprises into the scene, precisely by the passengers, business innovation, business model transformation and the application of new technology management, mobile payment and other development needs and open.

According to the technology introduction, "Jane cloud ecology" rely on the wisdom of financial services platform "in harmony", set up the API, micro service, algorithm and all kinds of application market for innovative banking, banking, marketing, intelligent video to provide omnidirectional channels, supply chain finance, retail, information management, core business, IT governance model solutions, support the bank's business innovation and transformation of architecture. Into the "Jane cloud ecology", the bank can obtain the "visible and tangible, out of the box" solutions and on-demand cloud services, become "with the need to change the bank", obtain new scenes and new business models and new production capacity.

Provide solutions for high growth companies in the "Jane cloud ecology", "intelligent finance platform in the chain", using block chain link technology companies and financial institutions to provide customer identification, supply chain finance, cross-border trade, credit services, traceability code. "Jane chain" platform to build a model of supply chain finance M+1+N ", namely" 1 "platform as the center, connecting" M "funds, to provide financing services for the" N "industrial chain of small and medium-sized enterprises, the financial services into the enterprise business scenarios, guided visualization service experience. In addition, "Jane's" mobile platform can also provide solutions for the enterprise, "Jane pay platform can provide open payment solutions that support the transformation and upgrading of enterprises and business innovation.

According to reports, "Jane cloud ecology" 5 platform using cloud computing, big data, new technology block chain, artificial intelligence and other constructs, and independent research and development of distributed application architecture, the establishment of financial technology market, combined with all kinds of developers, the development of financial science and technology components and applications using open technology.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter Yin Chengyue

Editor: TF003

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