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SASAC: central enterprises before the three quarter completed investment of 150 million 2618 households in the transfer of control of private enterprises

2018-10-15 18:05 Beijing daily TF0328

This morning, the State Council Information Office held a press conference, Deputy Secretary General of the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, spokesman Peng Huagang introduced the central enterprises in 2018 the first three quarters of economic operation.

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According to reports, this year, the economic operation of the central enterprises to maintain a good momentum of steady progress, steady for the better. The first three quarters of the central enterprises operation has the characteristics of "three minus one by one down, three excellent".

2618 state-owned enterprises has been transferred to private ownership

Recently, a variety of arguments about the state-owned enterprises and private enterprises are relatively concentrated, private financing, financing your reflection. There are concerns that state-owned enterprises will take the opportunity of large-scale mergers or acquisitions of private enterprises. In this regard, Peng Huagang also said that on the one hand, the status of state-owned enterprises, the important and irreplaceable key role; on the other hand, we also see that the Party Central Committee has always support and encourage the development of private enterprises. Mixed ownership reform is a two-way, bold introduction, encourage and support private enterprises to participate in the reform of state-owned enterprises, but also actively go out, encourage and support the state-owned capital investment in private enterprises. In recent years, the central enterprises to promote fitness and health quality and efficiency, reduce 11651 Corporation, which 2618 households will be holding rights to private enterprises.

"The media reflect the" hunters "of the acquisition of private capital of listed companies, resulting in" the country back into "phenomenon, in fact, this is only in the current environment of state-owned enterprises and private enterprises of a normal market behavior, state-owned and private enterprises is a kind of mutual benefit and win-win market choice, there is no problem in who retreat, but does not involve ideology." Peng Huagang said that the state-owned capital, state-owned enterprises and market behavior are back, follow the rules of market economy and enterprise development based on rules.

Profit growth for five consecutive months over 20%

The first three quarters of the central enterprises realized a total revenue of 21 trillion and 100 billion yuan, an increase of 11%, the growth rate of 0.9 percentage points faster than the first half, revenue growth for the four consecutive month of more than 10%; the cumulative total profit of 13491 yuan, an increase of 21.5%; total tax of 1 trillion and 700 billion yuan, an increase of 7.3%. The first three quarters of the central enterprises to invest 1 trillion and 500 billion yuan in fixed assets, from the structure, incremental investment mainly concentrated in the major livelihood, green development, investment in science and technology fields.

50 enterprises launched important areas of mixed reform pilot

Progress in the reform of state-owned enterprises, Peng Huagang introduced since last year, the central enterprise group company level of 68 state-owned enterprises completed the restructuring of state-owned enterprises, the corporate restructuring reached 94%. On the mixed ownership reform, 2013-2016 years, the central enterprises of mixed ownership enterprises accounted for increased from 65.7% to 68.9%, only 2017 years added 900 households, the introduction of social capital more than 4200 billion yuan. An important field of mixed system reform has been carried out in 3 batches of 50 enterprises. On the strategic restructuring, since eighteen, 20 groups of 38 to complete the reorganization of central enterprises to integrate, the new China Hangfa, the central enterprises have already adjusted to 96 by 116.

At the same time, the central enterprises to reduce the corporate total more than 10 thousand households, the total number of more than 50 thousand households by the corporate has dropped to more than 40 thousand, so reduce the labor cost Yajian "21 billion 700 million yuan, reducing management costs 18 billion 800 million yuan. State owned enterprises take about 80% to 70% of the iron and steel production tasks and to coal production tasks, the central enterprises in 2016-2017 years out of 16 million tons of steel production capacity, coal production capacity of 62 million tons, the first half of this year from the coal production capacity of 3 million 400 thousand tons, defuse steel overcapacity task has been finished. In addition, the central enterprises completed more than 1500 enterprises "stiff governance difficulties" task.


Source: Beijing Daily reporter Dong Yuhan

Editor: TF0328

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