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The Commission held a forum on the current market investors overall no bubble risk

2018-10-15 14:35 beijing evening news TF015

Yesterday, Party Secretary of the Commission, chairman Liu Shiyu to CITIC Securities Company Beijing Dongzhimen South Street business department research, held a forum to listen to the investors, investors stable development suggestions on capital market reform. Some of the media reports, when Liu Shiyu said that the spring is not far away.

According to the Commission's official website news, the private equity fund and individual investors on behalf of a total of 15 people. We analyzed the basic reason of this year A stock market downward rate and partial pressure from many angles, think the most important thing is to deepen reform, expand opening to the outside of the main line to boost market confidence. Suggestions to improve the strategic position of the stock market, deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises, the development of mixed ownership, improve the quality of listed companies, improve the basic system including transaction system, tax benefit, support the development of private equity funds to guide long-term investment behavior, cultivating institutional investors, promote the long-term funds into the market, the macro management and supervision departments should strengthen the market and investors reverse the cycle of consciousness, promote the healthy development of the capital market stability.

Liu Shiyu said that the Commission has always attached great importance to the sound from the market first, we put forward opinions and suggestions to enrich and perfect the capital market deepening reform and opening up a package of great value. The Commission should really put the Party Central Committee on economic and financial work of the six stability requirements in place, the opening of capital market reform measures, according to a comprehensive strict regulatory measures with steady confidence, boost the combination of confidence. Firmly adhere to the "two unswervingly", strengthen the innovation of systems and tools from other aspects, effectively support the development of private enterprises. China's stock market has hundreds of millions of small investors, this is Chinese characteristics. The Commission will always bear the protection of investors especially small investors legitimate rights and interests of the mission, and strive to create a fair and open and transparent capital market ecology.

Qianhai Kaiyuan Fund chief economist Yang Delong said that Liu Shiyu's position in favor of the market out of the bottom as soon as possible, "A stock market after a sharp decline, the valuation has great investment attraction, the market panic has been released, will attract some hunters funds admission, may bring the opportunity to fix the valuation. In addition, the market has to fully reflect the various negative factors, the whole current market is no bubble risk, investors in the A stock market should be more confident."

Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Yu Jian

Editor: TF015

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