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Beijing Fengtai Kang Ze Yuan District fire channel no longer blocked the streets of Dahongmen have set a stop sign ban

2018-10-15 15:31 beijing evening news TF008

In September 26th, the newspaper of "life channel" stall earn money don't block the title, reported at the top of Fengtai District South Road area of a fire channel for Kang Ze yuan market traders gathered by years of containment problems. The publication of the report, the Fengtai District Dahongmen Street attaches great importance to someone special to do, second days after the publication of reports, the street in front of the fire channel delimit no parking signs, the market there are security risks in the future is expected to the overall relocation of nearby.

The streets of Dahongmen responsible person, after investigation and verification, reported in the area at the entrance to the Kang Ze yuan does exist and temporary parking or truck vendors occasionally management. "The market is very early spontaneous, 2010 have carried out environmental governance, the roadside vendors spontaneously gathered a unified and standardized management." Relevant responsible person said, in response to the vendors and vehicle door containment reported in the streets of Dahongmen, has been set up no parking line at the door, and asked the party to strengthen the management of the market, prohibit traders jeeves. "After delimit the parking line, we have many site verification, good order, no parking phenomenon."

Next, the streets of Dahongmen said it would strengthen this area of management by the community and the market to strengthen patrols, timely solve the occupation, blocked the road phenomenon. "In accordance with the overall work of our street ease for regulating and promoting upgrade requirements, this market is the need to upgrade." The responsible person said, the streets are communicated with a state-owned enterprise nearby, is expected to top the road this morning where the overall move to the state of the plant, not only meet the needs of the people for the food basket, but also residents of a more clean and beautiful living environment.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Ye Xiaoyan

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