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Palace fighting drama not a group of parents? Friends: This is really "into a group chat like the deep sea"

2018-10-13 18:32 The observation of Changan TF003

"See what palace douju, into the group of parents is good!"

Li Jia mapping

Recently, a group of parents often boarded the hot search, and the events in the bizarre, it is comparable to the TV series. Some parents send their children to school because the sports car is to show off their wealth and then were playing group, parents unwilling child did when on duty at night and asked the teacher pulled the black, there are parents arent children too much homework and the midnight "greeting" teacher.

Even when the group is not in smooth water, stop. In line with the teacher "good morning", "received the reply," solitaire and even trying to expand the customer and business people to show its mettle: "you mother, here we have whitening products, please pay attention to"......

The parents stand it, teachers are full of complaints. To the parents in the group push notifications, live life on campus, has become the teacher's daily work, but in the "play fine parents" show, frequently useful information were flooded, carry "microscope" parents, and capture the "unknown" details: the teacher just sent the children to do homework photos there is a message "parents, teacher to help my child back straight;" just send children motion pictures, the parents said "the teacher reminded my child wearing a coat". Teachers not only to put into full time at work, the class had 24 hours of attention in the public opinion trends, more and more work life without limits.

A group chat into the deep sea. This period "viewpoints", we work together to listen to your voice.

Some parents give their children to enroll in various competitions to win votes, this "canvassing" information is too tired. Originally, the amount of information in the group is large, have to pay attention to advertising information that is a waste of time.

By Zhao Yun

A group of parents, many things become inconvenient. So many people in the group, sometimes for a while without reading, suddenly more than forty new information, you have to turn back, one by one, or on the number, this is really the time delay.

By West Park

The parents of WeChat group is a double-edged sword, it exists between the school and the family of the distance, reduce the cost of communication with teachers and parents. But there is no rule without Cheng Fangyuan, to create a good environment to chat, whether teachers or parents can play fine in the network world".

By rational fish

The WeChat group, every day is like meeting.

By snow child

At midnight 12 communicate with the teacher and the mother, are you serious?

By Mango- the blue - green lemon

The teacher is not the service sector, parents pay for education, not the teacher's 24 hour service, words can be seen in not only for children to communicate more on teacher education methods, full of ideas and the ability to question, if the child to kindergarten, and holding a belly do not trust yourself tired why blame others.

A small contingent of By Wyatt

"I was busy working during the day, night to deal with children." the mother know work during the day and night busy housework? Not busy family teacher at night? Work during the day and night? People don't have a child of 2 years old may be waking.

By and the sound of you
The nature of the work, the midnight message is also normal, but not in the middle of the night to ask others to reply, you can reply to. But the preschool education is a kind of pull the black parents, immature.

I was mad - Tong Yangsheng By shares

A group of parents in order to facilitate the information communication between teachers and parents, if the group so everyone wearing courteously but without sincerity, a mask to speak, do not know the real situation of children's learning. This group of parents still have what meaning?

By cloud

As a kindergarten teacher, reading these words too many parents, is really very awkward, but they also reluctantly and polite courtesy, praise each other, and then a chat.

By new recruits teacher Li you
Parents are doing nothing more than to arouse the attention of teachers, so that teachers of their children more care. However, in the group sent such a lot of reflections, the teacher will be able to take special care of your child? Not necessarily.

By said the truth from the media

Some parents can't bear, something that, after consulting can say thank you. Between people, live simply, so everyone is a little more comfortable.

By from the years of Teacher Liu

The teacher will be removed from the parent group, making a mistake. After all, teachers and parents should take the initiative to give the child to establish the correct values, outlook on money, but also let the whole world of luxury goods are gone?

By nine September nine.

Sports car is removed from the group, teachers and parents should feel rather than private chat in the group chat, it is easy to arouse the antagonism of parents.

By snowster point mosquito

The End

Source: Beijing daily Changan observer

Editor: TF003

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