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Beijing Haidian District Road North cellular 5 years Unfinished Bridge Demolition residents travel convenience

2018-10-13 13:52 beijing evening news TF003

Yesterday (October 12th), many live in Haidian District Road North cellular nearby residents found on the road, the unfinished 5 years overpass was finally cleared, the road back to normal. This was in March last year and July of this year, the unfinished 5 years overpass reported.

The bridge pier demolished before the site Weidang stopped.
After the demolition of the pier sidewalk smoothly.

"My heart is too happy." Residents living in the vicinity of very happy. 6 pm yesterday, reporters came to the Road North cellular, the unfinished overpass, North Road and cellular gates will be between road traffic lights. Previously, overpass construction is located in the southeast and northwest directions of traffic lights, which are set on the sidewalk.

In the north on the west side of the road is just a cellular primary school, due to construction occupied the sidewalk, for a long time, the parents have to pull children carefully through the lane. Now with the construction of the evacuation, exposing the original nearly two meter wide sidewalk, let you travel a lot of convenience.

Nearby residents Mr. Liu told reporters, a week before they found the construction and began work. "We thought it was then to cover the overpass." Later, he found that the demolition of four root pier construction personnel will be completed, and the construction of the road to do the repair point. It is understood that this overpass in 2013 conducted a bidding, was built by the Beijing municipal Luqiao group limited. But because the nearby units do not agree, leading to the construction schedule construction procedures and batch time, again and again.

"Since it does not cover up, down is also very good, otherwise it is covering the." Mr. Liu said, every morning and evening peak, many North cellular vehicles on the road, the road construction accounted for previously, resulting in many pedestrians are pushed to the motor vehicle lane, plus a primary school and a secondary school near the school, the traffic pressure is very large. "After the demolition, restore the sidewalk, we will not be pushed to the pedestrian lanes, don't worry about the trip."

Source: Beijing evening news reporter Li Huanyu

Editor: TF003

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