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Longwangzhuang Park renovation that how did not believe the children?

2018-10-13 13:45 beijing evening news TF003

Longwangzhuang park is located in the northwest corner of Geng Zhuang bridge, covers an area of small, but for the surrounding residents is a good place for leisure walks. At the beginning of 2017, accompanied by a paper "park closed notice" post, Longwangzhuang Park door never opened. Now long past the opening date, nearby residents are very surprised, why not open the park?

Yesterday (June 12 10) afternoon, reporters came to the Longwangzhuang Park East Gate, if not the gilt characters, can not see here is a park. The fence was a brick block, the East Gate hung a lock, the door is blue enclosure cover. Through the cracks of the enclosure can be seen inside the park scene, which is very messy, originally used to brick paved trail has been lifted, the green weeds, some green cover of the mesh, there are a lot of weeds from the mesh in.

Posted in the east gate of the park closed "notice" reveals the reason why the park closed last year, after the decision, will be upgraded to leisure park projects, including Longwangzhuang Park, a total of 7 park closed transformation, transformation of the construction time is from April 1st to October 1st last year.

In accordance with the "notice" on time, you should complete the transformation in the park a year ago, but now the park do not see any signs of transformation. "We have been walking in the park. Since the park closed, we can only go to the River Trail, but some away." Nearby residents told this reporter.

From the Longwangzhuang park to the south, across the River Trail is Geng Zhuang, where a beautiful environment, but also than the Longwangzhuang park area, but distant water puzzled thirst, nearby residents still used to taking a walk in the park. Today is not the park, nearby residents can only walk around the park, the peak of the late Geng Zhuang Qiao big traffic, and will continue until late, so residents walk side to watch the shuttle traffic.

This morning, reporters from the Tongzhou District Landscaping Bureau, as the renovation project of Tongzhou District leisure park phase, Longwangzhuang park is from the Garden Greening Bureau is responsible for the construction of the building, and the regional leases is responsible by the township government. The garden was originally planted some fruit trees, these trees do not meet the landscape to enhance the effect, so has been in consultation with local government to vacate a fruit tree, the two sides are still actively coordinate.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter Zhang Qunchen text and photo

Editor: TF003

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