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"South North rice rice" struggle and turmoil in Beijing daoxiangcun response

2018-10-13 13:24 beijing evening news TF003

Yesterday (October 12th), a paper judgment of Jiangsu Province, Suzhou City Industrial Park Court will be "North South paddy rice" dispute on public opinion in the teeth of the storm. Suzhou Industrial Park, people's court, Beijing daoxiaochun stop using "Daoxiang" in the goods, and pay 1 million 150 thousand yuan Su rice. In this regard, Beijing daoxiaochun responded, this is the first trial, the company will wait for the final verdict.

Data figure Wang Jinhui drawing

Suzhou Industrial Park, the people's Court issued the verdict, the case for the Suzhou daoxiangcun Food Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as Suzhou daoxiaochun) v. Beijing Daoxiang Food limited liability company (hereinafter referred to as Beijing daoxiaochun) infringement of trademark rights dispute case, the verdict requires North rice in effect from the date of the decision, stop in the production and sales of goods cakes the packaging using "Daoxiang" logo, within 10 days from the date of entry into force of the judgment, the plaintiff Suzhou daoxiangcun Food Co. Ltd., compensation for economic losses and reasonable expenses totaling 1 million 150 thousand yuan.

In this regard, Beijing daoxiaochun responded that the verdict is a verdict, the company will wait for the final verdict. At the same time to produce a verdict in September 10th this year, the Beijing intellectual property court given. The verdict that included "Daoxiang" logo, including "Daoxiang group" logo in the production and sales of goods in Suzhou daoxiaochun dumplings stop effect from the date of the decision, stop at the moon cakes, cakes and other goods used to contain "Daoxiang" logo, "Daoxiang DAOXIANGCUN SINCE1773 and map mark; stop at Tmall mall, shop No. 1, Jingdong, mall and I bought the network business platform click on the relevant page on the details of the use of commodity dumplings contain" Daoxiang "logo, including" Daoxiang group "logo, stop in the sales of moon cakes, cakes and other goods on the icon included" Daoxiang "logo. Stop in Suzhou daoxiaochun related business platform of false propaganda the pastry products for the "Beijing special" and other acts of unfair competition. At the same time, Suzhou daoxiaochun Beijing daoxiaochun also compensation for economic losses and reasonable expenses 30 million yuan.

It is reported that Beijing daoxiaochun from 1895 at the front door of Guanyin Temple opened, has gone through 120 years. Suzhou daoxiangcun entered the Beijing market in 2006, the store open in more visitors to Beijing scenic area, the train station, near landmarks. Once the two segment of the "South North rice rice", because of the development of electronic commerce and Cross shop frequent intersection, the two sides was also due to a trademark dispute in court. 2006, Suzhou daoxiaochun registration sector "Daoxiang" trademark objection North rice. 2013 both staged "Daoxiang" trademark battle, the lawsuit has been hit by the Supreme court. 2014 years, Suzhou daoxiaochun application sector "Daoxiang" trademark was the final court "shall not be registered". Recently, the two copies of a judgment that "South North rice rice" trademark battle and war. However, in view of the two copy of the judgment is a judgment, the final is still waiting for the results of the final judgment.

(original title: "South North rice rice" struggle and turmoil)

Source: Beijing evening news reporter Sun Wenwen

Editor: TF003

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