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Beijing Paul Shofukuji bridge accident caused two dead, the driver escape, a murderer is excavator?

2018-10-12 15:55 Beijing daily TF0328

9 30 April morning, North Fourth Ring Paul Shofukuji main road bridge occurred in the great escape death accident, National Day period, the Haidian traffic police in less than one week cracked the case, the murderer is the only clue excavator excavator, a string of numbers.

5 September 30th morning, the main road North Fourth Ring Paul Shofukuji bridge under two deaths occurred major accident escape. Haidian traffic detachment accident chief Gao Hongjun introduction, when the accident when the police arrived on the scene, there is only a small blue van damaged seriously, the car driver has no signs of life, the copilot injuries, after she died. Photos from the scene to see, the front of the truck has been knocked flat, and the front windshield below there is a large pool of blood on the ground.

According to the tire marks, site muck Yisa etc., police preliminary judgment, the escape vehicle may be a heavy truck. Through the transfer of the site perimeter 40 multiple monitoring equipment, the task force investigation of a suspicious vehicle, but unexpectedly, when the ratio of vehicle traces do not accord with the real situation. In the investigation stalled, a truck driver in the record of a saying that police found an important clue. The driver said, seems to have seen an excavator in the vicinity of the crime scene.

The ad hoc group immediately from the direction of the investigation to find a large truck to find traces of excavator. Because the excavator is special vehicles, and no license plate, it is very difficult to find. From the school of bridge, Jimenqiao, Lenovo bridge, Sijiqing, Zizhuqiao bridge, Dinghui bridge, and then to the Yongding Road, Qingta West, Wayao bridge roundabout, the task force staff tracked more than 20 kilometers, the transfer of the more than 70 monitoring equipment, view the surveillance video more than 200 hours. Finally, a distance monitoring equipment recently captured the suspect vehicle number of a mobile phone rear spraying.

In order to avoid the call did not immediately act rashly and alert the enemy, the task force in Fengtai District, but went to a suspected car finally lost the search. At the same time, continue to track the mobile phone number, by the relevant departments of the technical support, finally identified the suspects foothold.

In October 5th 12 pm, police in Fengtai District near a suspect Fang Moumou arrested, according to his statement, will be to Yongqing County of Langfang City, Hebei Province seized the suspect vehicle. At present, Fang Moumou has been under criminal detention Haidian branch. According to the regulations, special operations vehicles are not allowed to enter the road, Fang Moumou also admitted that he is in order to save Trailer fees, to drive on the road.

The police also reminded the public that "justice has long arms, after the accident do not escape legal psychology, shall be in accordance with the relevant provisions of laws and regulations, stop immediately, protect the scene, actively rescue the injured and alarm.


Beijing Daily reporter Sun Hongyang source;

Editor: TF0328

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