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Beijing East Fourth North Street leaking oil restaurant completes rectification streets and requires its monthly cleaning purifier.

2018-10-12 13:15. beijing evening news TF008

In September 10th, this newspaper took the oil spill in the restaurant into a "dog skin plaster" on the next door. It was reported that 268 of the East Fourth North Street was affected by the leakage of oil from the restaurant next to the restaurant, the ground became oily, and the houses of the residents were also covered with hair. Today, the situation here has been improved. The ground floor of No. 268 East Fourth North Street was cleaned and cleaned. In addition, the golden hand spoon restaurant next to the 268 yard of North Avenue has completed the rectification according to the requirements. The cleaning, cleaning and maintenance of the lampblack purifier, roof roof and rainwater diversion channel have been completed. The third party inspection organization has issued the lampblack detection report which shows that the fume emission is not over standard.

Shooting time: September 9, 2018 at 15 PM: Location: 268 East Fourth North Street.

Reporters learned from the East Fourth Street, after receiving the inspection notice of the district inspection room, the East Fourth Street office immediately coordinated the EPA supervision team to the spot inspection. The problems reflected in the investigation basically existed. 274 of the East Fourth North Street, the golden hand spoon restaurant, the two floor roof fume purifier was not well discharged, causing problems for the residents. The gold hand spoon restaurant oil fume purifier was installed on the two storehouse roof. When the staff checked the spot, it found that there were more oil pollution under the lampblack purifier and the surrounding structures. The oil flowing out flowed along the northern side of the roof to the rainwater diversion channel, because there was a gap in the rainwater drainage channel. When the rainy season, the rain mixed oil and grease from the gap to the roof of the North Street 268, and flowed to the household courtyard along the roof and rain.

In response to the problems identified, three rectification requirements were put forward at the East Fourth Street site for the golden hand spoon restaurant. First, the professional cleaning team should be hired immediately to clean up the fume purifier, the fume cleaner and the roof oil stain, increase the frequency of cleaning, and ensure that the oil fume purifier and the surrounding structures are free from oil pollution. The two is to immediately change the rainwater diversion trough on the north side of the roof to ensure that the rainwater is draining smoothly without water leakage. The three is to employ third party oil fume inspection institutions to detect fumes and ensure discharge standards.

It is understood that during the week when the rectification request was put forward, the golden hand spoon restaurant hired professional oil fume cleaning enterprises to purge the fume purifier and roof, clean and clean the rainwater diversion channel, and clean and clean the ground of No. 268 Hospital of East Fourth North Street. The District Environmental Protection Bureau commissioned the third party testing organization to detect the soot emission from the fume hood. After seeing that the land had become clean after rectification, the residents also felt quite comfortable.

In addition, the streets also require the restaurant to clean the lampblack purifier every month, check the surrounding structures and rainwater diversion troughs, and strengthen communication with the surrounding residents to solve the problems caused by soot emission in time. The streets will also continue to coordinate the Environmental Protection Bureau's inspection, supervision and implementation of the cooking fume emission and its impact on the surrounding environment.


Source: Li Yi, Beijing evening news reporter

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