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Beijing Dongsi North Street restaurant to complete the rectification requirements of its oil Street monthly cleaning purifier

2018-10-12 13:15 beijing evening news TF008

In September 10th, the newspaper "restaurant next door to the" oil spill "title, reported dogskin Plaster" Dongsi North Street Hospital No. 268 by next to the restaurant Water Leakage spill effect, greasy, residents of the housing also therefore hair problems become ground. Today, the situation has improved. Dongsi North Street Hospital on the ground 268 finished cleaning, cleaning. In addition, North Street, 268 hospital on the next golden hand spoon restaurant is in accordance with the requirements of the completion of the rectification, the lampblack purifier, roof and rainwater diversion tank cleaning, cleaning and maintenance, third-party testing agencies issued a smoke test report did not exceed the standard fume emission.

Time: September 9, 2018 15 place: No. 268 North Street East

The reporter learned from Dongsi street, in the district received the inspection chamber inspection notice, Dongsi Subdistrict Office District Environmental Protection Bureau immediately to coordinate the monitoring team to inspect, the investigation reflects the basic existence, North Street, No. 274 East gold hand two storey restaurant roof smoke purifier poor sewage caused problems plagued the residents. Gold hand restaurant fume purifier installed on the two floor roof, the staff found in the on-site inspection, lampblack purifier below and surrounding structures more out of the oil, oil to flow along the north side of the roof rainwater diversion groove, guide groove gap due to rain, the rainy season water mixed oil from slit flow to No. 268 North Street residents along the roof, roof, and rain ride to tenants in hospital.

According to the problems found, Dongsi Street Scene 3 proposed rectification requirements of business units golden hand spoon restaurant. One is immediately hired a professional cleaning team organization for cleaning lampblack purifier, lampblack purifier and the roof oil, increase the cleaning frequency, ensure lampblack purifier and surrounding structures without pollution. The two is immediately replaced on the north side of the guide groove to ensure the roof rainwater, rainwater drainage unobstructed is Water Leakage. The three is to invite the third party inspection agency of lampblack lampblack inspection, to ensure the discharge standards.

It is understood that the proposed rectification requirements within one week of the golden hand spoon restaurant hired a professional cleaning companies cleaning fume fume purifier and roof, cleaning maintenance of water diversion groove, and the East North Street Hospital No. 268 in the ground cleaning, cleaning. District Environmental Protection Bureau commissioned third-party testing organization for the detection of oil fume purifier fume emissions, soot emissions did not exceed the standard report. Look after the completion of the rectification clean up the ground, many residents heart is also comfortable.

In addition, the street is also required to clean the restaurant every month to check the oil fume purifier, surrounding structures and water diversion channel, and strengthen communication with the surrounding residents, timely solve the problems caused by soot emissions. The street will continue to coordinate the District Environmental Protection Bureau to inspect, restaurant fume emission and influence on the surrounding environment, the implementation of supervision.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Li Yi

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