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Beijing botanical garden will lift hundreds of probe with the relevant departments to find the break off egg flower visitors

2018-10-12 13:02 beijing evening news TF011

Beijing botanical garden today before the newspaper "tourists breaking branches were broken raw egg flower" reports responded that will transform and upgrade the monitoring facilities, and 105 new high-definition surveillance cameras in the park, completed before the end of the monitoring command center, strengthen the protection of garden plants and flowers.

The rare flower egg data figure

At the same time, the botanical garden is looking for three independent tourists snapping egg flower, and actively cooperate with relevant departments to carry out screening and search, such as identity verification, will be required to be dealt with. The botanical garden matter has been reported to the Department of tourism management, to be verified after the identity, tourism management departments will take this three is not included in the "Civilized Tourists uncivilized behavior record".

Reports of the incident occurred in June 25th this year, the staff of greenhouse of Beijing botanical garden in the inspection found damaged egg. Through the retrieval of surveillance found that three elderly tourists in the greenhouse of Beijing botanical garden tour, with a stick fence will display inside the egg flower off hook, and take away the branches in my pocket.

Relevant responsible person said, the botanical garden has taken many measures to strengthen the propaganda, civilized garden management, such as "I held many civilized garden the most beautiful" site promotional activities, often organize and coordinate the capital of civilization guide, student volunteers and other social forces to participate in the maintenance of garden order, issued by the official micro-blog, civilized garden initiative, WeChat portal area the other, give up the rest time in the visitors during the peak period of workers, strengthen inspections. At the same time, and actively improve the management facilities of Park transformation, adding green fence 4000 meters, the creation of civilization flowers "brand. The garden of civilization promotion and management measures, effectively reduce the phenomenon of uncivilized behavior of tourists, but there are still individual tourists in the flower period, causing damage to the display of plants. The next step, the park will be upgraded to monitoring facilities, completed before the end of 120 square meters of monitoring command center, in the park of new HD monitoring probe 105, more effectively protect the botanical garden plants, especially the precious flower.

Beijing botanical garden is the only one approved by the State Council to establish a comprehensive botanical garden, a display area of nearly 200 hectares, more than 1 kinds of plants show, more than 150 strains. Relevant responsible person said that the collection exhibition of new and better species, is an important function of the Beijing botanical garden, is also an important measure in plant science to the public. "Every plant park exhibition, all condenses the toil and sweat of the staff, only to ensure the healthy growth of plants and the safety on display, the majority of visitors will have the opportunity to meet with the more precious flowers and plants. Beijing botanical garden area widely, only the staff of the patrol is not enough. Hope that the majority of tourists in the tour, flowers in a civilized and polite and disciplined flowers, and protect these beautiful precious plants."



Source: Beijing evening news reporter Zuo Ying

Editor: TF011

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