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Hungry and reputation today with ALI CEO Zhang Yong wrote to inform the decision to the staff

2018-10-12 11:44 beijing evening news TF011

Today morning, the Alibaba group announced the formal establishment of local life services company, will be under the hungry and the reputation of the merger of local life service platform.

Xinhua News Agency reporter Ju Huanzong photo

After Ali had earnings shows: the Alibaba group will set up a holding company, as a local life service of the Admiral Company, and has received more than $3 billion investment from Alibaba group and Softbank group and other investors promise. Now the answer has been announced. It is reported that the Alibaba group partner Wang Lei (nickname Kunyang) will serve as President Ali local life services company, reporting to the Ali group, CEO Zhang Yong, and is also the hungry CEO Alibaba; group vice president Fan Chi (nickname Cheng Yaojin) will continue to lead the business reputation, report to Wang Lei.

The service platform of the future goal: redefining the city life. Word of mouth and hungry together in the 676 city about 3 million 500 thousand business services. The hungry on the platform, there are 66.7 million monthly active rider services for consumers, the average per user per year under nearly 20 times; in the mouth on the platform of 1.67 million monthly active users to enjoy the service shop. According to Ali, hungry and reputation will be further from the "home" and "shop" two scenes together and promote the comprehensive, digital and Internet technology upgrade to catering for the main body of the local life services market.

Ali for the whole imagination after the merger measure is: to everyone in the center, 3 km radius, consumers can shop to enjoy the personalized service, in the home also has a rich meal and supermarket daily delivery orders; in the mobile phone Taobao, the nearest store delivery, 30 minutes to complete the community medical service; 24 hours online 24 minutes served......

Ali CEO Zhang Yong wrote in a letter to employees: "in the digital economy society to a new commercial retail, new finance, new technology, new energy and new manufacturing comprehensive combination of today, Ali local life services company's goal is not just the big food market, it will assume greater mission to redefine the city life that makes life better and more convenient."

The industry believes that the establishment of Ali local life services company is the Alibaba group completed an important step of the layout of large areas of consumption. This marks the local life service has become the new retail, Ali ecological strategy new heights.



Source: Beijing evening news reporter Yin Chengyue

Editor: TF011

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