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Fishbone card throat how to do? Beijing emergency center experts: Swallow "Earth" is one disaster after another Steamed Buns

2018-10-12 10:56 beijing evening news TF008

Autumn fish Feimei, in the process of eating fish, easy to be fishbone stuck throat, if not removed, local deep neck infection due to foreign body abscess, hyperlipidemia, sepsis and development etc..

Beijing first aid center of experts reminded the public to drink with vinegar, pharynx, eat green vegetables such as "Steamed Buns earth" to "cure", often make fishbone card deeper and more fixed, difficult for doctors to remove the fishbone. Therefore, suggest that you learn the correct fishbone card throat first aid measures.

Processing steps

1. first determine whether he has the fishbone card throat, because sometimes eating too fast, can cause mucosal abrasions fishbone, fishbone card throat illusion: you can try to swallow the saliva several times, if there are obvious pain, and tingling in a fixed position, pharyngeal resting pain was not obvious, that this is really the fishbone throat.

2. after confirmation should immediately stop eating and minimize swallowing, let the throat muscles relax.

3. see whether mild cough fishbone eduction, can also help open your mouth, "ah" sound, or it will use the spoon under pressure, with flashlight irradiation, fishbone, with tweezers gently pull out.

The above 4. methods are not effective, the base of the tongue and finger stimulation, by vomiting the barb rushed out; if the fishbone location is deep, not easy to find, the best time for medical treatment.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Jia Xiaohong

Editor: tf008

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